Three Sisters

Three Sisters
The Three Sisters is an ancient rock formation located in the Blue Mountains National Park in the town of  Katoomba. The towering trio of stone has a mythical dimension in the Aboriginal Dreamtime legend about three sisters who lived in the Jamison Valley and fell in love with three brothers from a rival tribe whom they were forbidden to marry.

The Basics
Today the landmark is a popular destination, and a trip to Echo Point—a viewing and access point for the Three Sisters— is an easy day trip from Sydney. Visitors can walk down a very steep and winding staircase of about 800 steps past the rock formation and connect with other walking trails at the bottom of the valley.

Things to Know Before You Go
  • The staircase down past the Three Sisters is very steep. Wear good walking shoes and be aware of the physical demands if you choose to take the stairs.
  • There are alternative trails like the federal Pass Trail, which give hikers the option to ride back to the top of the valley on the Scenic Railway.
  • Scenic World, an eco-amusement park, is also located in the Blue Mountains National Park.
  • The Park is sometimes closed due to bushfires in the summer or wet weather in winter.

How to Get There
The Three Sisters rock formation is located at Echo Point in the town of Katoomba. The spot is easily accessible by car or train. From Sydney, it’s about 90 minutes by car, or a 2-hour train journey on the Blue Mountain Line. Many tours also include transportation to the Three Sisters.

When to Get There
The Blue Mountains National Park is always open to the public, although some parts of the park may occasional close due to bad weather. The Echo Point Visitor center is open daily; check the website for up-to-date hours.

Visitors to the Three Sisters will find themselves a short drive or one train stop away from the charming village of Leura. With family-run cafes, bakeries, gift shops, and food stores, Leura offers a taste of small town life in Australia. There are a number of casual and higher-end dining options, making it a great lunch stop during a day of sightseeing.
Adresse: Blue Mountains National Park, NSW, Australien
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