Cruises in Bodrum

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Cruises in Bodrum
You haven’t truly explored Turkey’s Mediterranean coastline until you’ve gone for a “blue cruise.” Bodrum is a perfectly situated starting point for shorter tours on a gulet (traditional Turkish wooden boat), speedy hydrofoil day trips, and multi-day cruises that immerse you in the region’s maritime beauty. Read on to learn more about your best Bodrum cruise options.
Day Cruises
With its scenic, twin bays, Bodrum is the perfect jumping-off point for a day of exploring. Many day cruises continue farther along the Bodrum Peninsula: Dotted with caves and gulfs, home to charming coastal villages as well as ancient ruins, it offers ample activities for a day’s explorations. Expect numerous swimming and snorkeling stops; many itineraries also offer visits to the volcanic Black Island, crystalline Aquarium Bay, and Rabbit Island (so named for its many inhabitants). For a day cruise of a different stripe, embark on a journey along the Dalyan River, which includes opportunities for mud bathing and a stop at Kaunos, an ancient Lycian city and UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Multi-Day Cruises
To fully immerse yourself in Turkey’s coastal scenery, embark on a languorous, multi-day cruise. Traveling by gulet or yacht, explore the Gulf of Gӧkova, which is renowned for its crystal-clear waters, rugged headlands, and numerous islands. Alternatively, make your travels international and combine Turkish sightseeing with visits to nearby Greek islands, including Rhodes, Symi, and Kos. Or chart your way along Turkey’s aptly named Turquoise Coast: Stop at the Seven Islands, Sedir Island (also known as Cleopatra Island), Tuzla Bay, and other picturesque locales.
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