A fantastic, family-oriented introduction to the sights and landmarks of Hungary, Austria and Germany, Miniversum is part interactive game and part educational experience. Housed in an historic Budapest palace, this is a gigantic train set with a difference, where more than 600 historically accurate palaces, abbeys, castles and churches and houses form 14 villages with a backdrop of mountains, valleys, tunnels and viaducts all scaled down to 1:100 of their original size. Through this miniature world tiny people go about their daily business, cars travel the road and trains move constantly along railway tracks more than 0.8 miles (1.3 km) in length. The model took more than 30,000 hours to construct and covers 3,230 square feet (300 square meters); it is totally interactive so at a push of a button, visitors can affect the action in real time. 

Interactive screens display original photos of the sights on the layout and activities for kids include modeling workshops for different levels of ability and weekend treasure hunts. Visitors can also watch the monitor wall in the control room, from where each train movement at Miniversum is operated.
Adresse: Andrássy út 12, Budapest, Hungary, Ungarn
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