United Nations Place

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United Nations Place
Marking the boundary between the historic Old Medina and the new town built during the 20th century French rule, United Nations Square is not only one of Casablanca’s busiest public squares, but one of its most important navigational landmarks, fed by many of the city’s principal boulevards. Laid out in 1920 by Joseph Marrast, the former marketplace was initially dubbed La Place de France and along with the nearby Mohamed V Square, forms the nucleus of the modern city center, now linked by the a new tramway.

Despite being encircled by a glut of bank headquarters and office blocks, the square is still an elegant example of urban town planning, with its neat gardens set around a striking central fountain. Additional landmarks of the square include the futuristic Zevaco-designed cupola that frames the underpass, the swish Hyatt Regency hotel and the Anglican Church of St John.
Adresse: United Nations Place, Casablanca, Marokko
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