Robie House

Robie House
The Frederick C. Robie House was built in Prairie Style by famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Completed in 1910, today it is known as one of the finest examples of American architecture, perhaps the first architectural style that is uniquely American. The exterior is characterized by its art-glass windows, sharp edges, and horizontal Roman brick work. A contemporary space with an open floor plan that is still being restored, it is considered a precursor to modernist architecture. 

In 1957, the house was placed under threat of demolition. Frank Lloyd Wright himself lobbied to save it at the age of 90. It was one of the last houses designed in his Oak Park studio. The American Institute of Architects named the Frederick C. Robie House one of the ten most significant structures of the 20th century.
Adresse: 5757 S. Woodlawn Avenue, Chicago, Illinois, USA
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