Las Sepulturas

Las Sepulturas
This fascinating archaeological site provides insight into how the ruling families lived in the heyday of the Maya people. It also explains how long periods of peace were not sustainable: the number of elites grew faster than the taxes and tribute to support their lifestyle. They ate well and lived long lives, while each of their many children grew up expecting the same.

In Las Sepulturas (“the tombs”) area of the archaeological park, archaeologists found over 500 skeletons, so this area served as both living quarters and graveyard, new homes built on ancestral tombs. Don’t expect elaborate mansions though: most living was done outdoors and meals were prepared in a communal kitchen. This is a spot where a good guide can bring sense to it all.

Many of the adornments from the area are housed in area museums, but some carvings and reliefs are still in place.

Practical Info:

Located 1.5 kms down the road from main archaeological park. Hours: Open 8am – 4pm daily. Admission: Included in ticket to Copan archaeological park.
Adresse: Copan, Honduras
Åbningstider: Daily 8am - 4pm.
Entré: Entrance Fee: $10. Museum of Mayan Scultpture: $5. Museum of Archaeology: $2.
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