Crocosaurus Cove

Even though it’s located in the middle of the city, Darwin’s Crocosaurus Cove lets you feel like you’ve wandered out into the Top End of Northern Australia's wilderness, where turtles, saltwater crocodiles, and barramundi fish reside in their natural habitat. You can visit the sanctuary full of yellow-faced turtles or observe the fish swimming around in the aquarium, where you can also catch a glimpse of a whipray—the freshwater cousin of stingrays. Throughout the day there are staff-led talks and chances to view trainer-led crocodile feedings.

While Viator tours do not include these activities, visitors have the opportunity to observe crocodiles from an underwater glass enclosure or to hold a baby crocodile under careful staff supervision for an additional fee starting from $120.

Adresse: 58 Mitchell Street, Darwin, Northern Territory 0800, Australien
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