Casa Herradura Distillery

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With a history dating back to 1870 and a reputation for producing some of Mexico’s finest tequilas, the Casa Herradura Distillery is among the most famous of Jalisco’s many tequila distilleries. A family-run hacienda located at the center of tequila country, Casa Herradura lies just outside of Amatitan and is devoted to preserving traditional hands-on production methods alongside modern processing techniques. 

The most popular way to visit the Casa Herradura Distillery is with a ride on the Tequila Express train from Guadalajara, an historic railway route set against a backdrop of blue agave fields and sweeping mountains. Exploring the vast distillery, visitors can discover the secrets of tequila production, from harvesting and crushing the agaves, to the fine art of fermentation and distillation. Of course, the most important part of the tour is the tasting and a master tequilier will be on hand to guide first-timers through the different varieties produced on site, from the premium 100% agave blanco (white) and añejo (aged) tequilas that are sold under the Herradura name, to popular mixed blends like El Jimador and New Mix.
Adresse: Calzada del Carmen 82, Amatitan, Jalisco 45380, Mexico
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