Oak Island

Oak Island
A private island off the coast of Nova Scotia, Oak Island rightfully gained its name by being covered in trees. It’s one of the hundreds of small islands in Mahone Bay, but has become better known as the possible site of buried treasure (and for the legacy of explorers who have since gone there to try and find it.) The legend began in the late 18th century when a boy began digging and stumbled upon the “Money Pit,” a mysterious hole in the earth covered in timber.

Various theories about what is buried there and by whom continue to circulate, but no one knows for certain. Many legends state that the treasure belonged to either Captain Kidd or Blackbeard the pirate. The island’s mystery continues to draw in visitors, especially those interested in treasure and history.

As water has flooded the original site, the digging project has been abandoned several times. Many have been encouraged by the discovery of an inscribed stone in the pit. Searches for its elusive buried treasures and artifacts continue to this day.

Practical Info

Oak Island can be found off the south shore of Nova Scotia, about an hour’s drive from downtown Halifax. Old Town Lunenburg, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is also nearby and worth a visit. You must be part of a guided tour to access the island. Tour reservations must be made in advance.
Adresse: Oak Island, Nova Scotia, Canada
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