Old Town Clock

Old Town Clock
As one of the most recognizable landmarks in Halifax’s historic core, the Old Town Clock gets its fair share of visitors. Ordered by Prince Edward, Duke of Kent and then commander-in-chief of all military forces in British North America, the tower was built as a way to potentially resolve the unpunctuality of the local garrison. Completed in 1803, the three-tiered tower is built in the utmost classic Palladian style, with an irregular octagon tower built atop a one storey white clapboard building. 

The clock –which, in true Roman fashion, shows the 4 as IIII and not IV for aesthetic symmetry- was constructed by House of Vulliamy, a respected Royal Clockmakers based in London. Although ancient, the clock is in excellent shape, having undergone several renovation works throughout the years, and is still in use to this day. In fact, it could be said that the Old Town Clock has been keeping the people of Halifax on time for the last two centuries! Because of its historical associations, the Halifax Town Clock is a Classified Federal Heritage Building.

Practical Info

The Old Town Clock is located on Citadel Hill in downtown Halifax. It is easily accessible from Brunswick Street. Several bus routes offered by Metro Transit stop in the vicinity of the Old Town Clock, including routes 2, 4 and, 6. Because of its age and historical association, the Old Town Clock is featured in many ghost tours of Halifax, which run from mid-July until late October at 8:30pm. The Halifax Citadel National Historic site is open year-round: from 9am to 5pm in winter, spring and autumn and from 9am to 6pm between July 1 and August 31. 
Adresse: Halifax, Canada
Åbningstider: 9am-5pm; until 6pm from July 1-Aug 31
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