Villa de Teguise

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Villa de Teguise
Back in the 1400s, Villa de Teguise sat at the heart of Lanzarote life, serving as the island’s capital until the 19th century. Its location was especially advantageous: Mount Guanapay, upon which the town was built, made for an ideal lookout point, providing views of nearly all sides of the island’s coasts, and therefore protecting it from pirates.

While La Villa (as it is known by locals) is no longer the capital, it remains one of the best-preserved old villages in the Canaries. A wander through its whitewashed building-lined streets provides a glimpse into the past, via sights such as the 15th-century Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe Church and Santa Barbara Castle. The tower-turned-fortress now houses a Pirate Museum, which offers up history as well as phenomenal views.

These days, however, Villa de Teguise is undoubtedly most famous for its flea market, which is held each Sunday morning. At the weekly event, the stalls completely take over town, selling items ranging from crafts and art to food.
Adresse: Villa de Teguise, Lanzarote, Spanien
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