Bushy Park

Bushy Park
Bushy Park is the second largest of London's eight royal parks. It covers an area of 1,099 acres north of Hampton Court Palace. Its distinctly rural feel can be a tranquil escape from the noise of the city. The park has a mixture of wooded areas, gardens, ponds, and grasslands where plenty of wildlife can be seen. Herds of Red and Fallow Deer especially can be found roaming throughout the park. In the 1500s, the park was established as a deer hunting ground. Visitors can also see a wide variety of plants, fungi, birds, fish, and other animals that call this park home. 

Another feature in the park is the famous Chester Avenue, a restored formal Baroque water garden, along with the Diana Fountain. Visitors can cycle on roads within the park or ride horses on rough grass areas. Audio guides and maps are available for self-guided walks through several trails in the park. There is a playground for children as well as a cafe where snacks and beverages are available. 
Adresse: Hampton Court Rd, Hampton, Middlesex, United Kingdom TW12 2EJ, England
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