Natural Science Museum (Museo De Ciencias Naturais Da Amazonia)

Natural Science Museum (Museo De Ciencias Naturais Da Amazonia)
Certainly one of the attractions of visiting the Amazonas region is the incredible variety of living creatures that are unique to the river and rainforest. Anyone who might be a bit hesitant to go trekking off into the jungle to meet them in their natural habitat can get a peek at them at the Amazon Natural Science Museum (Museo De Ciencias Naturais Da Amazonia) in Manaus.

Manaus' Natural Science Museum covers about five acres, including a 200-ton aquarium, and is next to a further nine acres of forest. The museum gives visitors a chance to see some of the fish, insects and other animals that call the Amazon region home. In addition to the living specimens in the museum's aquarium, there are more than 240 stuffed fish and insects on display.

The museum was opened in 1988 by a Japanese scientist with a special interest in the region's butterflies. He privately funded the building of the museum, and remains its director. The Natural Science Museum isn't in downtown Manaus, so plan on taking a taxi about a half-hour to get there. It's open varying hours from Monday-Saturday, and there is an admission charge (children get a discount).
Adresse: Rua Cachoeira de sao Gabriel, Manaus, Brazil, Brasilien
Åbningstider: Mon-Sat 9am-12pm & 2-5pm
Entré: R$12
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