Casa Gardeliana Museum

Casa Gardeliana Museum
Medellin is the second world capital of tango (after Buenos Aires), and tango music can be heard throughout the city. This is due in large part to Carlos Gardel, a famous tango musician who died in 1935 in a tragic plane accident in Medellin while touring Colombia. Gardel’s death spurred a movement that lives on to this day. In fact, the International Tango Festival, held in Medellin every June, commemorates Gardel’s life with dancers, singers, musicians and faithful followers of this musical expression. 

To celebrate the music of a man who changed Medellin, the Casa Gardeliana Museum opened in 1972. Dedicated to tango, this museum has projects, programs and services that are all about teaching tango dance, singing and music. They have collections that include photos, recordings and documentaries about how tango has influenced life in Medellin. There are guided tours and special day and evening performance programs. This is small, unique museum in Medellin for those who want to get a glimpse at Gardel’s life and influence on the world of tango.
Adresse: Carrera 45 # 76–50, Medellin, Colombia
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