Gardel Plaza

Gardel Plaza
Carlos Gardel was a famous tango musician whose music and voice thrilled lovers of tango all over the world. In 1935, while touring Colombia, he was involved in a tragic airplane accident in Medellin that took his life. That event sparked the love of tango in Medellin, and to this day that love is kept alive. 

One of the places it lives on is at the same airport where Gardel lost his life, the Enrique Olaya Herrera Airport. A plaza and sculpture were erected in 2003 to remember Gardel, his life and his works. The statue, made by artist Salvador Arango from the state of Antioquia, shows the elegantly dressed Gardel singing and playing the guitar while a couple dances tango behind him.

Tango events take place at this site during the year, and visitors come from around the world to appreciate the art of this beloved singer and musician. 
Adresse: Carrera 52 # 14 A-82, Medellin, Colombia
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