Degraves Street

Degraves Street
Degraves Street is a short, narrow laneway that runs between Flinders Street and Flinders Lane in the heart of Melbourne.

Though named for two pioneer merchants who moved from Hobart to Melbourne in 1849 – Charles and William Degraves – Degraves Street is more often attributed to William alone, who served as a member of Victoria’s Legislative Council. Degraves Street is one of Melbourne’s more unique arcades.

Bluestone cobbles and an otherworld charm are the characteristics of Degraves Street. Tall, old-style buildings frame the street, with shops, bars, cafes and more lining the ground level, and apartments up above. Dining on Degraves Street tends towards Italian. Degraves Espresso is said to be one of the most quintessentially Melbourne café experiences. The Degraves Street underpass was built in the 1950s, connecting Flinders Street Station with Degraves Street. The underpass, much like the street it connects to, is full of character. The Platform Artists Group calls the underpass home, and have a frequent turnover for their underground exhibitions.

Other big attractions on Degraves Street include the Parisian-style restaurant Majorca House, the stationary and paper shop Il Papiro, bakery Little Cupcakes and children’s bookshop The Little Bookroom.
Adresse: Degraves Street, Melbourne, Australia, Australien
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