The United States isn’t the only country with a “city of angels” (i.e. Los Angeles). Mexico is also home to a city that has that moniker: Puebla, officially called Puebla de los Angeles. Puebla is one of Mexico’s oldest cities and legend has it that its angelic name was first earned thanks to the bell tower on Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Cathedral since an 18,000-pound bell that no one could figure out how to get up to the tower mysteriously appeared there one morning; angels were subsequently credited for the bell being moved. It is also said that angels designed the layout of the city. 

In addition to the cathedral and its famous bell tower, Puebla is also home to a variety of Baroque and Spanish Colonial style buildings and architecture that has caused it to be designated as a World Heritage City. Food is also a huge draw of Puebla. It’s called the capital of mole for a reason, and a visit to Puebla must include a bite (or several) of this beloved Mexican cuisine. Puebla is also known for its chalupas and chiles en nogada.  
Adresse: Puebla, Mexico
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