Mill Canyon Dinosaur Trail

Mill Canyon Dinosaur Trail
Visitors to this western gem can step back in time some 150 million years when dinosaurs ruled the southern edge of Utah. Self-guided walking tours and informative pamphlets lead travelers through rugged terrain and along well-marked paths to ancient remains from these extinct giants of the Jurassic period. 

Best known for the well-preserved fossils of plants and dinosaurs found in the popular Morrison Formation area, Mill Canyon Dinosaur Trail is also home to the remains of a now-defunct copper mill from the 1800s. Travelers can explore the area on foot and examine fossils and the old-world factory in a truly hands-on way, as Dinosaur Trail is free of fences and guards, allowing tourists to roam as freely as dinosaurs once did.

Practical Info

Mill Canyon Dinosaur Trail is 15 miles north of Moab on U.S. 191. The road is impassable when wet, so visitors are wise to avoid the area after heavy rains.
Adresse: Moab, Utah, USA
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