Sam Sharpe Square

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Named after the abolitionist hero, Sam Sharpe, who encouraged a non-violent means to ending slavery, Sam Sharpe Square in downtown Montego Bay now serves as a point of interest for all who come to learn about Jamaica’s rich history or simply enjoy the pastime of people watching.

Here you’ll find the Montego Bay Civic Centre, a reconstruction of the 1803 Montego Bay courthouse, The Cage, and the fountain. At the northwest corner you’ll also find the bronze sculpture that is the National Heroes Monument, honoring the leaders and the fallen of the Christmas Rebellion of 1831.

A busy hub of the popular and charismatic Montego Bay, Sam Sharpe Square is the perfect meeting place to jump off your excursion into this fascinating and party-driven city.
Adresse: Market Street & James Street, Montego Bay, Jamaica
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