Baia Formosa

Baia Formosa
Baia Formosa translates to “beautiful bay,” a fitting name for this scenic city in eastern Rio Grande do Norte, bordering the nearby state of Paraíba. It is a well-known South American surfing spot with areas for both beginning and advanced surfers.  

The central fishing village of Baia Formosa is home to many scenic beaches and lush landscapes, with green, preserved Atlantic forests and mangroves and a nearby lake known as “Coca Cola lake” for its dark reddish color.  There are no paved roads outside of the main one that leads into town, and with numerous colorful fishing boats dotting the turquoise bay, the village maintains its quaint feel and charm.  Some of the area’s smaller beaches are accessible only by dune buggy.

Popular with swimmers, the “Lagoa da Coca Cola” water is rich in iron and iodine and is believed to have curative properties. There are also three rivers that run alongside the bay, including the Guaju River where sea cows can be spotted.

Practical Info

Baia Formosa is located 100 kilometers (60 miles) from the city of Natal. It can be accessed by car, dune buggy or bus from neighboring cities.
Adresse: Baia Formosa, Brazil, Brasilien
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