Edgar Degas House

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Edgar Degas House
New Orleans has been home to many famous artists and musicians over the years – none of them more famous than Edgar Degas. Master Impressionist, Degas’ influence on the art world can still be felt today in his sculpture, paintings, sketches, and drawings. His most famous images are, perhaps those he did of dancers – over half his work utilize these images, and they are what he is most often associated with. Degas successfully used old and new techniques that made his style his own, and for that, and his ability to render a certain sort of delicate beauty, he has become one of the most celebrated and remembered artists of all time.

Built in the Esplanade ridge neighborhood just on the outer edge of the French Quarter, The Edgar Degas House dates from the 1850s. Visiting his New Orleans home is easy, accessible and right on the cusp of the French Quarter. This is the only home and studio of Degas anywhere in the world that is open to the public, and thus a rare and unique insight into the life and times of this amazing painter. The house is a museum, but it is also a bed and breakfast and hosts guided tours of both the house and the immediate French Quarter area where the house resides.
Adresse: 2306 Esplanade Ave, New Orleans, LA‎ 70119, USA
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