Houmas House

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Houmas House
Locals call this beautiful plantation the Crown Jewel of Louisiana’s River Road, partly because of its rich history and partly because of its incredible old-world architecture. Established as a sugar farm around 1803, Houmas House was open to the public in 1963. The traditional southern plantation home has seen its share of generals, Union forces and colonels, too. The same gardens, mansion and peaceful grounds that drew men in search of respite in times of war, draw travelers today who are in search of a nearby escape from the energy and gluttony of the Big Easy. 

Daily tours treat visitors with true Southern hospitality and welcome them to the grounds not as tourists, but as guests. Expert guides lead travelers through the elaborate halls of the plantation’s mansion, through galleries of antiques and art, and across the well-kept grounds of the Houmas Gardens. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience that’s available only south of the Mason-Dixon Line. 
Adresse: 40136 HWY 942, Darrow, Louisiana 70725, USA
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