3 Days in New York: Suggested Itineraries

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With nearly 55,000 square miles of national parks, scenic landscapes, world-class vineyards and historic sites, even the most experienced travelers could spend a lifetime trying to explore all this great state has to offer. But three days in New York is the perfect amount of time for visitors to get a real taste of what makes mid-Atlantic destination a true Empire State.

Day 1: Explore Art in the Hudson River Valley
Escape from the city and head north about an hour to the scenic Hudson River Valley. Visit Dia Beacon, a renovated factory that is now home to some seriously large art installations. Grab lunch in the historic town of Beacon and then head to Storm King. This outdoor sculpture garden is a major Hudson Valley attraction that’s brought visitors from the city—and the world—to its beautiful gardens. Travelers looking to splash out can also spend the night at the Castle-on-Hudson, a medieval-style Tarrytown castle with epic valley views.

Day 2: Thousand Islands Getaway
Spend day two in the picturesque Thousand Islands, where nearly 2,000 private islands make up one of the state’s most unique destinations. Wander the quiet storefronts of the sleepy towns and then hop aboard one of the guided boat tours for an up-close look at Thousand Island life. Learn about the various private homes of celebrities and sports stars that escape to this beautiful location for rest and relaxation. End the day with a tour of the famous Boldt Castle, where history, architecture and beauty come together for a one-of-a-kind New York experience.

Day 3: Greater Niagara 
From Thousand Islands head to the Greater Niagara region, where the thundering Niagara Falls was voted one of the top-ten most beautiful places in America. Wander the park at the top of the rushing waters and snap photos of the Canadian border. Then relax on a historic cruise along the Erie Canal before venturing to Anchor Bar for a cold Genesee beer and the original Buffalo wings. 
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