Chalk Sound National Park

Chalk Sound National Park
Chalk Sound is a pristine, natural lake dotted with underwater cays and filled with amazingly dazzling electric-blue water. The color of the water has to be seen to be believed!

Photographing and swimming in the turquoise water is a must, and the park also boasts non-aquatic highlights.

There are some fascinating glimpses into the past around here, including rock carvings made by shipwrecked sailors on a rocky hilltop overlooking Sapodilla Bay, back in 1844. Nearby lied the ruined remains of the Mariner Hotel.

On the coastal edge of the lake, fronting the ocean, are the relaxed resorts and expat houses lining Sapodilla Bay and Taylor Bay.

Practical Info

The wide lagoon of Chalk Sound National Park takes up the southwestern coast of Providenciales, south of the island’s airport and downtown, inland from Sapodilla Bay. The lake stretches for 5km (3 miles), separated from the coast by a thin peninsula of resort-studded sand.
Adresse: Providenciales, Turks- og Caicosøerne
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