Baiguate Waterfall (Salto de Baiguate)

Baiguate Waterfall (Salto de Baiguate)
Take a trip into the country's lush interior to Jarabacoa, the heart of the Dominican Republic's emerging eco-tourism scene. Set in the Cordillera Central mountains (referred to as the Dominican Alps), Jarabacoa is a great spot for mountain biking, white-water rafting and exploring the alpine trails. Jarabacoa's biggest attractions, however, are its waterfalls.

The three waterfalls in the area—Baiguate Falls (Salto de Baiguate), Jimenoa Falls #1 (Salto de Jimenoa Uno) and Jimenoa Falls #2 (Salto de Jimenoa Dos)—are spectacular natural sights where travelers often jump in the water. The Jimenoa waterfalls are more popular and impressive than Baiguate Falls, which is in a lush canyon and a little harder to access. It is possible to explore all of Jarabacoa's waterfalls in a single day, but a guide is recommended at Baiguate.

At 196 feet (60 meters), Jimenoa Falls #1 is a tremendous sight, with its icy water gushing from a hole in the rock and crashing into a huge pool. While not as dramatic as its sister waterfall, Jimenoa Falls #2 comes in at 130 feet (40 meters) and has a more inviting swimming hole (although it's still icy cold!). This waterfall, which requires an entrance fee, is the most visited of the three falls and can be reached via an interesting trail that takes you through a canyon and along suspension bridges.
Adresse: Den Dominikanske Republik
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