Zhanqiao Pier

Built in 1891, Zhanqiao Pier has become a symbol of the city of Qingdao and one of its most iconic attractions. The 33-foot-wide (10-m) pier extends 1,444 feet (440 m) into Qingdao Bay, with the octagonal Huilan Pavilion (the structure pictured on the Tsingtao beer label) at its terminus. The traditional Chinese pavilion, which sometimes hosts art exhibitions, juxtaposes the European architecture prevalent in the rest of the city.

While originally a naval pier, the earliest known dock in Qingdao now serves pedestrians coming to enjoy the sea breezes and harbor views of the city.

Practical Info

The Zhanqiao Pier is free to walk along and open 24/7. Take the bus or train to the Zhanqiao Pier stop, and, if you have the time to spare, plan a visit during the day and at night to take in two very different views of Qingdao. Entrance to Huilan Pavilion costs 4 yuan.
Adresse: No. 12 Taiping Road, Qingdao, Shandong Province, Kina
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