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Michael Haydn Museum

Michael Haydn Museum
The museum featuring the work of Michael Haydn, younger brother of the much-more-famous Baroque composer Joseph Haydn, is found in the Benedictine Abbey of St Peter, parts of which date back to 696 AD, making it the oldest abbey in Austria. 

Johann Michael Haydn lived between 1737 and 1806; arriving in Salzburg in 1763 he was a close contemporary of Mozart but rather than leaving Salzburg for the bright lights of Vienna, he forged a successful career as a court musician by remaining in the city. He was incredibly prolific, composing more than 350 pieces of work, including 40 symphonies and 37 masses as well as 19 operettas and during his lifetime he was considered as bright a talent as both his brother and Mozart. Samples of Hadyn’s melodies can be heard in the museum, which is a must-see museum for devotees of Baroque music and showcases manuscripts, sheet music and paintings reflecting his life and times. Chamber music performances of Hadyn’s works take place in the evening at the abbey between July and September (daily except Wednesday) and he is buried in the Stiftskirche (abbey church).
Adresse: Salzburg, Austria, Østrig
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