Alloa Tower

Alloa Tower
The Alloa Tower is one of Scotland’s largest surviving medieval tower homes and was the ancestral home of the Erskine family, who often served as aids to the ruling Stuart family and guardians to the royal children. It is nearly 700 years old, with several rooms added in the 18thcentury. It has been open to the public since undergoing a major restoration in 1966.

When visiting the tower, you can watch a short film in the entrance hall about the history of the home and peruse an exhibition on the building’s restoration. Artwork from Henry Raeburn and Van Dyck is on display, as are a variety of china, furnishings, period costumes and a collection of family portraits. Check out the Solar Room, with its exposed stonework and timber ceiling, and look for a stone well built into the walls of the tower. Be sure to climb up to the roof and walk around for views of nine counties in Scotland.
Adresse: Alloa, United Kingdom, Skotland
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