Angus Folk Museum

Angus Folk Museum
A visit to the Angus Folk Museum is a great way to get a taste of Scottish rural life 200 years ago. Six 18th century cottages display one of Scotland’s finest folk collections, with many items donated by friends of Jean, Lady Maitland, or purchased at sales or auctions.

Start your tour in the reception and shop at one end of the interconnected cottages before moving on to the typical Scottish farmstead featuring a “Life on the Land” exhibition. The Smiddy features all of the tools of a working blacksmith and in the Dairy, you can see what was needed to milk cows and make butter or cheese. There is also a laundry, stable, quarters for unmarried farmer laborers and a large area for spinning and weaving, as well as a Victorian school room with blackboards, maps and an abacus. You can also see a Glenisla hearse – a horse-drawn wagon that was used to carry wealthy parishioners to their graves.
Adresse: Kirkwynd, Glamis, Forfar DD8 1RT, Scotland, United Kingdom, Skotland
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