Old Supreme Court Building

Though it is no longer the residence of Singapore’s judiciary arm of government, the old Supreme Court Building is an important structure as the last building in Singapore to be constructed using classical architecture.

Located on St. Andrew’s Road, the building housed Singapore’s highest court for more than 60 years until 2005 when the Supreme Court moved into a more modern building. The structure is a spacious structure with an impressive interior featuring murals painted by Italian artists and a façade that has crafted Corinthian columns and is topped by a large green dome and pediment structure.

Today, the building is being refurbished and will be conjoined with the City Hall building next to it. The project has been delayed, but is now expected to open next year, revealing a state-of-the-art cultural center, dubbed the National Art Gallery. The state has poured in more than half a billion dollars to complete the project.
Adresse: Singapore
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