Baranof Castle State Historical Site

Baranof Castle State Historical Site
More commonly referred to as Castle Hill, the Baranof Castle State Historical Site is one of the most significant sites in Alaska. Today a winding path leads guests to the top of the hill and provides an outstanding view of the waterfront and downtown Sitka, as well as a wealth of information on the site's origins. Originally a Tlingit Native fortification site, and later used by the Russians as a military outpost, this is the actual site where, in 1867, the Russian flag was lowered and the American flag was raised, marking the transfer of Alaska to the United States.

Practical Info

The Baranof Castle State Historical Site is located in Downtown Sitka, along Harbor Road, also known as the Waterfront.

There is no fee to tour the grounds. For more information, call 907-269-8400, Monday through Friday, 10am - 5pm.
Adresse: Harbor Road and Lincoln Street, Sitka, USA
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