Observatory Hill

You’d be forgiven for thinking that Sydney’s best sights are lining the beaches or harbor, but in the case of popular Observatory Hill, this elevated perch in the heart of downtown is one of the city’s best spots. For one, visiting the park is totally free—as are the sweeping views of the harbor and Sydney’s Harbor Bridge. Make the 20-minute trek from The Rocks and pack along a picnic, relaxing and sprawling out on the grass with a panoramic view of the harbor. The uphill climb to reach the park tends to thin out the visitor crowds, and thereby makes it a local favorite for watching the sun go down. On New Year's Eve, Observatory Hill is one of the best places in Sydney for watching fireworks, and the nearby Sydney Observatory is popular during all times of year. Here at Australia’s first observatory, you can peer through the telescope when visiting at night and enjoy Planetarium sessions inside, and the building now houses an informative center on the history of astronomy in Sydney.
Adresse: Upper Fort Street, Sydney, New South Wales 2000, Australien
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