WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo

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From saltwater crocodiles and box jellyfish to poisonous spiders and snakes, Australia is famously known as the home of some seriously dangerous animals. Luckily for visitors to the WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo, this attraction provides the opportunity to see critters like these up close, without the risk and dangers involved of wandering out in the bush.

More than just dangerous species, the zoo also houses cuddly koalas, curious platypus, wombats, possums and wallabies, plus a number of Australia's fun-loving kangaroos. Despite being located right in the middle of Sydney's Central Business District, the zoo recreates the diverse Australian habitats (Daintree Rainforest and Kakadu Gorge included) these animals experience in the wild and transports visitors to corners of the continent from the comfort of an air-conditioned enclosure. To get even closer to the wildlife, join the rangers behind the scenes as they feed and cuddle the animals, all while teaching visitors about the natural habitat they've created in downtown Sydney.
Adresse: 1-5 Wheat Road, Sydney, New South Wales 2000, Australien
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