Wushanto Guanziling Hot Spring

Wushanto Guanziling Hot Spring
Nestled among the verdant hills of southern Taiwan, Wushanto Guanziling Hot Spring offers a relaxing escape from Tainan, the former capital and bustling second city of Taiwan. From a vantage point 270 meters (885 feet) above sea level, the springs provide spectacular views of the area’s mountainous terrain and sit close to natural attractions such as Hongye Park and the Wushantou Reservoir.

The Basics 
The Wushanto Guanziling Hot Spring, which was created by an earthquake, is set amid mudrock formations and leafy forests, making them an ideal choice for nature lovers. The water in the spring, said to have therapeutic properties that leave skins feeling soft and supple, is a dark gray from mineral deposits. Travelers can choose to visit a hot spring resort to soak in natural pools or to spend the day hiking to the peak of the mountain, where restaurants offer traditional Taiwanese dishes. 

Things to Know Before You Go 
  • This is a must for tired travelers looking to relax and soak up southern Taiwan’s natural beauty. 
  • Ensure you bring sturdy shoes and a bathing suit.
  • There are plenty of restaurants at the complex.

How to Get There 
To reach the spring from Tainan, take a bus from Xinying to Baihe, then Baihe to Guanziling; from Tainan, the trip takes about two hours. Still, although public transport is available, a rental car is the best way to see all the area attractions.

When to Get There
Thanks to its rural location, the spring attracts minimal tourists and makes for a relaxing retreat, whenever you visit. The water’s warm, though, so consider visiting in fall and winter—you’ll appreciate it that much more. 

A Nature Lovers’ Paradise 
Located near the Wushanto Guanziling Hot Spring, the Wushantou Reservoir is a haven for birdlife. The reservoir, known to locals as Coral Lake due to its appearance from above, is a great place to go cycling or walking before soaking in the warm water.
Adresse: Taiwan
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