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Grand Cayman, Caribien 

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Kombiner to af Grand Caymans naturlige attraktioner-Starfish Point og Bioluminous Bay-på en tur fra George Town. Afrejse via båd fra Cayman Island Yacht Club, krydstogt over til Starfish Point for at hænge ud på stranden eller båden; Du er velkommen til at medbringe dine egne snacks eller drikkevarer. Når solen er gået, gå til Bioluminous Bay for at svømme, snorkle og lære om det naturlige fænomen, der gør vandet lyst.
  • Kombinationsbådtur til Bioluminous Bay og Starfish Point
  • Nyd kystrejsen på en båd
  • Medbring dine egne snacks og drinks for at nyde på Starfish Point
  • Svømme og snorkle på Bioluminous Bay
  • Lær om det fosfororescerende fænomen gennem en guide's kommentar



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Kelly D
, maj 2019

We had a really good time on this trip. We actually pushed off about a half hour late because we waited for someone who had signed up for the trip but they never came. It all worked out fine. Our stay at Starfish Point was cut a bit short, but we saw what we went to see. The sunset is always amazing. The highlight was definitely swimming in the bioluminesence. There are other trips you can do on kayaks but I don't believe you can actually get out and swim on those trips. We put on protective suits because there were some jellyfish. I was glad to wear it because I did get stung on my foot, so I was happy to have the rest of my body protected.

Swimming in the water was just amazing. I've seen bioluminous water before but never like this. I recommend this trip to everyone. Definitely a highlight of our trip.

Our guides were both very nice and knowledgeable. The owner and his wife came to greet us before we left. Make sure you bring food and drinks as that is not provided.

Hector C
, maj 2019

Have to say this trip is a must. The staff was awesome and it was non rushed. We did the bioluminescent tour with a stop off to see/touch the star fish. Highly recommend

Gloria K
, mar. 2019

Had tons of fun and the crew on the boat were great. Wet suit/snorkeling gear/face mask were provided and we had a lot of fun jumping in the bioluminescent water (it was warm even after the sun went down). We had a full moon, but were still able to see the water light up (try to avoid an evening with full moon though -- you'll see more glow in the water)! Overall, a magical evening!

Mary R
, sep. 2018

Excellent tour. Operators were skilled, knowledgeable and very congenial. The experience was once in a lifetime.

Jacqueline P
, aug. 2018

FIRST: Hands down recommend this over other Bioluminous Tours, and is pretty amazing! keep reading.....

The boat is not the most comfortable but the crew was giving us some history about the bay, the Island, the homes, etc on the way out to Starfish Point. I got out at Starfish Point and into the water and was stung by tons of jellyfish, it had also just downpoured the night before so the mosquitos were in full force. They had vinegar for the stings and were handing out tons of bug spray to everyone. We were at starfish point at another time of day and was fine.

To prevent anyone from getting stung by anything at the actual Bioluminous Bay, they had full suits for everyone including my 6 year old daughter's size... as well as socks, gloves, and full face snorkels for everyone. Had heard from other hotel guests that their experience on another tour was awful, got stung... another couple said their tour had the suits but hands and feet exposed. So this piece is KEY to my rating!!

Then.... my six year old got in with my husband and they loved seeing the water and making it light up. I stayed on the boat with my 4 year old who last minute didn't want to do.... . it is really dark. So I stayed on with her and another little boy... the captain got a huge bucket and pulled up fresh water every few minutes so they could play in the water on the boat, they had as much fun as a 4 year old could ask for! This exceeded my expectation. He was very patient getting the bucket up. Everyone else went in the water .. so 15 people and everyone had big smiles on their faces. Was agreed, amazing by all!!

The boat ride out is so amazing, you can almost see the roundness of the stars around the horizon the view is just THAT amazing, enjoyable and relaxing.

Only ice water is served, we brought alcohol as well as snacks for the kids. Even thought about calling a pizza to be delivered for ride out to the bay.

Cindy W
, jul. 2018

This trip was magical! Our family was only planning on seeing the phenomenon on the boat due to jellies in the water. However, to our surprise, the friendly and experienced staff provided full gear for all to jump into the waters and feel and witness the magic close up. It was a FABULOUS experience! Thank you to the wonderful staff.

Thomas R
, apr. 2018

The boat trip across to Starfish point was good. We stopped there until it got dark then went on to the Bilumious Bay. They had suits and full face snorkel masks for all. The sites were amazing. The owners Steve and Deb were very helpful and cautious. The pilot was very experienced. Wonderful trip.

Stephen L
, aug. 2017

This was a real neat experience. If you can not get in the water, I do not know if it would be worth it, but when in the water it is really awesome. They provide you with full face mask which allows you to get a wonderful view of the organisms as they light up. I think kids would particularly find this fascinating.

Russell C
, aug. 2017

A must see when at Grand Cayman. Don't take a kayak, take this boat. We'll do it again.

Susannah C
, jul. 2017

I'll try to keep this brief as possible. Our boat had maybe a dozen passengers and the crew: Captain Steve, Debbie, and Alison. Debbie was very nice but clearly was subbing regular personnel and trying to help out. What happened was this: when we dropped anchor, we were supposed to move slowly into the water, a few people at a time. Captain Steve told us to stay on the top of the water as much as possible in order to see the bioluminous effect. The crew was very focused on handing out equipment and it became a little chaotic. Half the people were in the water and half in the boat when the anchor gave way. The boat began to drift and we couldn't see the people in the dark water. Captain Steve began barking orders at Debbie and Alison, it felt out of control. My concern was for the safety of the people in the water, as they might have been hit by the boat or even under it. The situation could have been serious but honestly, it was quickly resolved, but with much disturbance and noise. I mention that because I got in the water after the incident and immediately felt burning all over my body. That's when I understood the real reason the Captain told us to stay on the surface of the water. I, and several others, got stung by jelly fish. All the activity and disturbance brought them to the surface. Here's what I'm mad about: when we emerged from the water, skin on fire, Captain Steve said Oh, yes, that's Sea Itch. It's caused by the very high density of salt in this location. Here, we have some vinegar in this bottle which will fix it right away. First, Sea Itch is a thing, but it has nothing to do with salt, it's jelly fish larvae that get in your clothes and sting you repeatedly. Second, this was just plain old jelly fish stings and rather than admitting that, he insulted our intelligence by making up a lie. I knew something didn't make sense, you don't treat salt with vinegar unless you are a potato chip, but I wasn't sure and I didn't want to cause a scene. Anyway, it was an adventure and it was beautiful, but not letting us know the true nature of risk, lying to us which could be very dangerous if the stings were serious and people didn't seek appropriate care, and barking at the crew made this captain unfit to be responsible for the safety of others. I understand, I probably would not have gone in the water if I'd known it was likely I'd be stung, and probably few others would, and that would ruin the purpose of the tour. I wrote this review because I was the one who booked the tour and I feel like I put my family at risk.

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