Costa Maya Shore Excursion: Scuba Diving Beginners Course

Mahahual, Mexico

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3 timer 30 minutter (ca.)
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Start en livstid med dykning eventyr med en 3,5 timers begynder kursus. En perfekt kystudflugt, når dit krydstogtskib docker i Costa Maya syd for Yucatáns Riviera Maya. Du lærer dykkerundervisning fra en PADI-certificeret instruktør inden du går til det varme vand i Mesoamerican Barrier Reef. Her praktiserer du dine evner i det karibiske havets klare farvande og holder øje med ørnestråler, havsvampe og endda babyblæksprutter. En lille gruppe størrelse giver masser af tid til at stille spørgsmål og nyde personlig vejledning på denne mindeværdige tur.
  • 3,5-timers dykkerskibsudflugt fra Costa Maya
  • Lær at bruge scuba gear, mens du udforsker et lavt dykkersted med en PADI-certificeret instruktør
  • Marvel på Mesoamerican Barrier Reefs undersøiske skønhed
  • Spot ørn stråler, havskildpadder og tropiske fisk i det klare Caribiske Hav
  • Dykning udstyr, flaskevand og en-vejs taxa billet inkluderet
  • Lille gruppe tur begrænset til 8 sikrer en mere personlig oplevelse
  • Dækket af Viators bekymringsfri politik: garanteret on-time retur til dit skib



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Erik B
, apr. 2019

Great location, 10 minutes from the cruise port. Moses and his staff did a great job attending to our needs. We took our two boys, 12 and 14 for there very first dive. Great trip.

Caprice F
, okt. 2018

Thank you for a great day, my husband, son (adult) and I booked this tour when we learned Costa Maya was one of the stops on our cruise. It couldn't have been any better really, a very short walk to the office, short van ride, our instructor "Amador" was waiting there for us, explained everything to us and then away we go. Amador was very cautious with us as we were very nervous, my husband ended up not being able to go down to the coral with us, he got claustrophobic, but they took good care of him. My son and I and our guide continued exploring the area for awhile he even took pictures of the two of us on the ocean floor (even sent them already, for free). Then we spent the rest of the afternoon on the beach, practically to ourselves. Wonderful day, Thanks again to Amador and his crew. The Fuentes Family

, jun. 2018

This ended being just my wife and I. The two of us. That surprised me - I had been expecting a group. It was like getting a private lessson. All of the lads at Buceando Mahahual dive shop were outstanding, friendly, and hospitable. Their English is not 100, but obviously way better than my Spanish. Having studied other foreign languages, and having done some internet reading on SCUBA before our trip, I was able to understand everything that our instructor, Amador, was teaching us. My wife doesn't listen or follow directions well, but he was extremely patient and took as much time as was needed to get her through the two exercises before taking us out on the boat. Another couple certified divers joined us on the boat for a lift to their dive spot. It was great to talk with them and hear their perspective on diving, and Mahahual. Our dive was fantastic. My wife always has trouble with her ears and pressure, so Amador again took as much time as she needed to get her ears equalized before we descended any deeper to about 32 feet. We stayed down for a very good amount of time. I left my watch back at the shop, so I don't know exactly how long, but it was longer than I had expected - which was great! After we were finished, we still had loads of time to grab lunch nearby and go back to our ship.

, dec. 2017

Wow, this was better than I expected. The scuba instructor was absolutely wonderful and we did a dive down 10 meters on my first trip out. It was both exhilierating and the diving instructor was extremely helpful and I trusted him completely. I would highly recommend the Buceando Mahahual Diving Shop! These guys are very knowledgeable and whether you are an experienced diver or first time like me this company can make your diving experience the best you have ever had!

Trudy S
, dec. 2017

We loved this tour! My husband and I had done this before, and are technically certified, but it has been over 13 years since our last dive. Our son had never done this, and we were concerned that his ears would not be able to equalize, as he has problems with airplanes sometimes. Our guide, Jorge, was wonderful. The instruction was short, but covered all the necessary points - breathing, equalizing, clearing masks, finding a lost regulator, hand signals... We had mentioned the concern with the ears, and Jorge gave our son very specific instructions on what to do if his ears hurt, and by following those instructions, he was able to descend to 30 feet with only one short pause for his ears. Jorge was great with him through the whole dive, and kept a close eye on everyone's air supply. It's a small reef, but lots of coral and fish, and since the max depth was only 33 feet or so, no worries about going too deep. We had a great time, and would highly recommend this tour to anyone.

, sep. 2017

Very personal treatment for really nice people. The dive group was small and the dive master took the time to point out turtles, lobster, lionfish, a eel, etc. The reef is close to shore, minimizing travel time. Great trip.

, apr. 2017

We have gone ziplining in Maui and St. Thomas....this was by far the best zipline we have ever done! Lots of
I wish it could have lasted longer!

Erika S
, jan. 2017

Costa Maya, in the village of Mahahual just 5 minutes free taxi druve from cruise ship dock, Diving school and shop Bucanera del Caribe. Owners and senior divers are Jorge and Arturo Barbabosa Jorge, the more senior one is also a unversity teacher, They are highly professional, very serious, responsible, patient and nice men, divers and trainers. They also speak good English.

Be aware that a dive can take many hours, especially if you are beginner as they insists, whilst still in the shop, on a meticulous process of instruction, selelcting and trying each piece of equipment and training you in their use as well as sign language/communication in the water. After that, for beginners, an hour long instruction and practice of breathing etc in chest high water. Jorge will also test if you are able and willing to carry out everything to safe standards and retains the right to refuse to take you out on the actual dive if he feels that inattentiveness, impatience or lack of discipline may endanger you or others. Safety and security is written large in their book :

After practice/instruction in the water comes a trip in a small power boat to the dive site and an hour or so long actual diving then the return trip with the boat, shedding of equipment, showering, changing. Our trip was to start at 9:30, we chatted in the shop then around 10am started the above process. My husband, who went diving, as a first-timer and being 70 years old, had long and very careful instructions and practice, finished at 2:30 pm. Of course, if you are experienced, in this timescale you can have 2 dives.

During the dive itself one employee stayed with the boat while two customers and two instructors went into the water descending on a bouyed rope slowly, in my husband's case to 41 feet. During the descent Arturo continuously watched my husband's reactions, eyes, breathing and reminded him to keep equalising the pressure in his ears by blowing out etc. He made my husband feel very safe constantly taking care of my husband individually watching, asking, helping with equipment, checking, pointing out beautiful things, almost touching my husband most of the time, giving him much reassurance and a feeling of safety also ensuring that nobody touched the coral or any creature. The other instructor went with the other more experienced diver at his own pace. They all had a fantastic dive, beautiful experience. The other customer-diver was an advanced, certified diver he has returned to the Bucanero shop many times and has always been very happy with them.

The ascent was so slow as to be imperceptible, all the way looking at gorgeous creatures. My husband never noticed that they were ascending until they saw the surface. When up, the instructor sent up a yellow ballon type marker that called the boat to them. The instructors helped the customers to take off the bottles, weights, flippers and stow them in the boat. There was a swimming ladder to board the boat.

The sea happened to be extremely lumpy high winds and waves, which also meant an uncomfortable boat ride, take your Sea-Bands if you tend to get seasick which made the water a little less clear than normal but they could still see everything very clearly. The dive site is an extremely clean and clear area, called 'aquarium'. Gorgeous corals and creatures of all kinds, colours, sizes and types.

This is the experience of a lifetime, very good value for the money, and we are very grateful to Jorge and Arturo for their kindness, professionalism, patience and for the whole wonderful time there.

We can highly recommend them for both novices and experienced divers.

Diego B
, jan. 2016

I was on a cruise vacation and decided to go scuba diving with Bucaneros instead of the shore excursions offered by the cruise line. We had a great experience and enjoyed it very much. Our instructor, Neto, was very patient and friendly. He also took our pictures underwater and made sure we were always safe. Highly recommended!

, feb. 2014

Highly recommended if you want to experience scuba diving in Costa Maya. The dive shop owner is Otto and he was very helpful and friendly and made the experience memorable. His instructor was very patient and made sure we were well instructed for our scuba experience. After the dive on the reef we enjoyed a fantastic lunch at Karlita's Café which is also owned by the owner of the Scuba Diving Facility. Just make sure you know how to get to the dive shop location, we missed some communication so almost got lost.

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