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Hvor mange mennesker kan sige, at de har krydset polarcirklen? Oplev landets levetid på denne daglige guidede tur fra Fairbanks og se Northern Lights. Rejs gennem Alaskas vildmark ombord komfortabel transport, og tag en tur langs Yukon-floden. På en høj plateau af Finger Mountain, stedet dyreliv som ræve, elg og bjørne. På vej tilbage, vidne til Aurora Borealis pragt.
  • Helgedagstur for at se polarcirkel og nordlys fra Fairbanks
  • Udforsk Yukon River og Finger Mountain, og se dyreliv som elg, ræve og bjørne
  • Se Trans-Alaska-rørledningen, en af verdens største rørledninger
  • Kryds polarcirklen og modtag en 'Cross the Circle Certificate'!
  • Lær om den omgivende geologi fra en informativ vejledning
  • Hotel afhentning og drop-off inkluderet
  • Nyd personlig opmærksomhed på denne lille gruppe tur

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, sep. 2018

This was an excellent trip! Our guide Jim was informative and he had a lot of stories and experiences he shared with our group. He was also very optimistic! We went on a day that was cloudy and rainy. As we left the Arctic Circle and headed back towards the Yukon River, the skies did not look good for Aurora viewing, but Jim kept telling us we just need to look for a break in the clouds! We did and we saw the Aurora! We had many bathroom breaks and he was willing to stop along the Dalton Highway (as long as it was safe) if we wanted to take pictures of something. I would definitely take this tour again in the future if I am ever in the area!

, aug. 2018

The road trip was rather long but very educational. Gary, our tour guide had a lot of stories to keep up preoccupied on the long drive. It was an experience of a lifetime though.

, apr. 2018

The tour was awesome, our tour guide made all the difference. Even with a blizzard happening along the trip, he made us feel secure. Very knowledgable. We waited for the northern lights but alas, nature was not cooperative this day. It haa been only a level 2 aurora for the whole week.

, jan. 2018

This tour was amazing!

, jan. 2018

Tour was very good and our Guide / Drive was very good and knowledgeable. Unfortunately, we couldn't see the northern lights but still enjoyed the tour.

, sep. 2017

This was memorable trip and one of the biggest highlights of our 9 day Alaska Trip. The credit largely goes our tour guide Kailob.

Kailob has a lot of experience and knowledge about wildlife, vegetation, native ways of living and life in Alaska. He showed us some extra scenic spots on the way not part of the tour and also showed how to pick cranberries and blueberries and use leaves to make natural flavored tea. He did this out of his own interest.

We did spot a black bear with cubs, bald eagle, as well as other wildlife on our way.

, mar. 2017

The drive up to the Arctic Circle and back was arduous and dreary during winter time. Getting a sneek peak of Aurora at the 8th hour was rewarding though. Having Aurora blanket the sky above us to entertain us with her graceful pirouettes at the 10th hour was just magical!

, mar. 2017

This trip was cancelled by the vendor on the night before, but I'm providing 4 stars, nonetheless. Communication was timely, and the reason was -50 degree temps, which made the original tour unsafe. They offered, instead, a lower-priced and local 'Northern Lights Lodge Viewing in Fairbanks' trip, which provided a safer, and at least an enjoyable alternative experience. I was disappointed not to be able to go to the Arctic Circle, but I understand why. The other trip is on Viator, too, and I'll review it there.

, jan. 2017

Our Tour Guide, Randy was very good. However, there were a couple of things I was very unhappy about regarding this trip. We were seated in the back of the van. It was difficult getting in and out at each stop. Also, we could see NOTHING!!!! I understand this is Alaska, in the Winter. However, if this company is going to provide tour services, they should find a way to keep windows defrosted. If we are paying that much money, we should be able to see out the windows. They were totally iced over on the inside our entire trip! We were given one ice scraper and paper towels for everyone in the van to use, but as soon as you scraped the inside of the window, it iced over again. The entire trip we could see absolutely nothing out the windows. Also, the Yukon River was a draw for us in selecting this tour. However, by the time you get there it is completely dark. We did stop at a trading post nearby, but unless you want to take a long hike in extremely cold temperatures, you can not see the river. This was a huge disappointment! Understandably you are not allowed to stop or walk on the bridge crossing the river and as our windows were iced over, we once again saw nothing. The sound system in the van was also terrible. With the van hitting the very bumpy road we couldn't hear Randy most of the time, even though he was holding the speaker against his mouth and talking loudly. Randy was very knowledgeable and helpful. He gave us lots of details at stops, was willing to remain at stops as long as anyone wanted and offered to take as many pictures as anyone wanted. Overall though, I was disappointed in this trip.

, jan. 2017

The trip was very long and boring. 14 hours of driving to spend 15 minutes at the Arctic Circle sign, and we haven't even seen the northern lights. Disappointing.

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