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8-dages underværker i Tyrkiet: Istanbul, Ephesus, Pergamon, Pamukkale og Cappadocia

Istanbul, Tyrkiet

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8 dage  (ca.)
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At komme rundt i Tyrkiet for at se alle dets historiske vartegn og naturattraktioner kan være dyrt, stressende og vanskeligt at organisere. Denne otte dages rundtur i landet handler om organisationen for dig, så du behøver ikke bekymre dig om at oprette fly, indkvartering, måltider eller billetter. Start i Istanbul, rejse over landet til historiske steder på Tyrkiets vestkyst, inden du afslutter din tur i Cappadociens unikke landskaber.
  • Oplev berømte gamle byer og ruiner i Efesos, Pamukkale og Pergamon
  • Uanset om du kører til et historisk sted eller flyver fra Kusadasi til Cappadocia, er alle rejser og transport dækket
  • Du behøver ikke at kæmpe for din guides opmærksomhed på denne lille gruppe tur
  • Afslutningen i Istanbul er denne tur den perfekte introduktion til Tyrkiet for første gangs besøgende

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, sep. 2017
TOURS, VEHICLES and GUIDES: All the tours were very good, basically due to the fact that Turkey has lots to offer in terms of history, culture and scenery. Only the Istanbul city tour was a walking tour and we wouldve preferred to do this during a cooler season. Even when we were driven around in airconditioned vehicles for some of the tours, the heat was just too much to cool down a group of 10 or more people inside a mini-bus. Although all the tour guides were knowledgeable and pleasant, we were particularly pleased with Ilkay Ephesus and Pergamon and Serkan South Cappadocia. Warning: dont go into the underground city if youre claustrophobic part of South Cappadocia tour. We were also brought to those shops selling carpets and jewellery, snacks, ceramics, leather. If you have no intention of buying, or if you have seen enough of them, and if you are in a private tour as we were, you can always tell the tour guide to skip it. The shuttle service at Cappadocia airport could be better. We missed seeing the Goreme open-air museum just because we waited too long for other passengers. It turns out that the passengers belong to different tours and are to be dropped off at different locations, such a waste of time! HOTELS: Recital Hotel - ok with respect to proximity to main tourist spots, very friendly staff Ilayda Avantgarde Hotel - nice and relatively new hotel, good location, breath-taking view especially at the dining area Fresco Cave Hotel - very unique hotel, the staff and hotel manager were all very friendly and accommodating FOOD: Although the tour description indicates 3 dinners included, there were no dinners provided. TOUR OPERATOR: City of Sultans COS COS emailed me before the trip saying that, Our representative will welcome you at the airport on your arrival. He will give your tour documents, and he will also advise you what you can do on your free days. This never happened. I actually was looking forward to this meeting because I had additional requests, those which I sent messages to COS about, but they never replied. Instead, a driver picked us up at the airport and dropped us at the backside of the hotel and not at the lobby entrance. Being first timers in Istanbul and not being familiar with the hotel vicinity, we realized too late that the entrance to the hotel was a flight of stairs down and the driver had already sped off with our tip. Travelling with my mom, who is a senior citizen, I had to carry 2 suitcases of easily 15kg each down a flight of stairs to get to the hotel lobby for check-in. I understand that this tour I booked doesn't really entail special treatment, but come on. It's ok not to give us additional comfort, but at least don't give us unnecessary hardship. Since the first day on the itinerary is free and easy, may I suggest you book your own tour to fill up your day, either thru viator or thru your hotel. Dont depend on COS to do the arrangements for you, they only offer you basic service included in the package. Most importantly, I wanted to book the hot air balloon directly with COS so as to make sure it doesnt conflict with any tour schedule they had for us. I did not receive any response regarding this, although I wrote to inquire a few times before the trip. Luckily the tour director at Flinstones Travel was able to squeeze us into one of the tours. We had to wait until we were in Cappadocia to be able to secure slots. Imagine the great disappointment we wouldve felt if we werent able to experience this activity. I also requested for a quotation for additional services since we wanted to extend our stay in Istanbul. I was inquiring for airport transfers to and from our hotel, but no answer. Inquired about the Whirling Dervish show, still no answer even just to reject the inquiry. I eventually made the necessary arrangements on my own, I guess I shouldnt have taken their word seriously that they would be happy to assist us in our stay in Turkey. Lastly, at the culmination of the tour, there was this sort of customary thank you for choosing us letter and in it said, The highest compliment our customers give us is recommend us to a Friend. From what I have written here, please make the judgement whether you want to take this tour. I have joined several tours on viator and most of them took good care of us, even those half-day or day tours. This tour package was an extended tour of 8 days and it wasnt even a cheap tour to begin with. Do not expect top notch service like what youd receive from some agencies who would direct you from airport to hotel to airport, who carried your luggage for you, who made sure of all conveniences are accorded to you. Expect the most basic, basic services.

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