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Privat 3-timers Nagarkot Sunset Tour fra Kathmandu

Katmandu, Nepal

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Spare dig selv besværet med gadetransport og trængsel i grupperejser og nyd en af ​​Nepals mest spektakulære solnedgange på denne private guidede Nagarkot tour. Rejs gennem frodige landbrugsjord og naturskønne foden fra Kathmandu, så undret dig over udsigter, der kan strække sig til Everest eller Annapurna, da lyset bliver et herligt guld. Efter en hurtig sightseeing tur omkring bakken station, vende tilbage til dit hotel.
  • Oplev en autentisk Himalayan solnedgang fra bakken byen Nagarkot
  • Tag det nemt med dør-til-dør rundrejse private overførsler
  • Nyd en mere personlig oplevelse med en privat guide
  • Se så langt som Everest eller Annapurna på en klar dag


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Sunset Tour
, apr. 2019
Nagarot Trip Review Based on the description and potential views, this tour had a lot of promise. However, the lack of professionalism and poor execution by this company turned everything into a massive disappointment. Everything started off on a bad note when the tour guide and driver showed up half an hour late. I called multiple times to try and figure out when my wife and I were getting picked up, and I kept getting reassured that it would only be “10 more minutes”. Usually I’m not the one to get overly upset over tardiness, but in this instance, the entire purpose of the tour was to be at a certain location to time an exact event later in the evening. Being on time is essentially the most important aspect of this tour, and they failed to do this one simple thing. Next, due to the late departure, the driver drove recklessly in an effort to make up for lost time. The type of driving was even more dangerous than typical driving in Nepal and made for an uncomfortable car ride. It was evident they were putting safety at jeopardy in an effort to cover their tails for their previous mess up. Then after driving for over an hour and a half from Kathmandu, we pull up to a hotel on top of a hill. The tour guide got out of the car and somewhat negotiated with a security guard to let us go onto their property. After the security guard acknowledged us and let us go on, we found ourselves in a courtyard right next to the hotel. I figured we still had a few more minutes of walking to get to our destination, but then the tour guide informs us that this is the grand scenic spot that we drove all this way for. The courtyard was surrounded by trees with absolutely no view of anything. The tour guide repeatedly told us that the view wasn’t good because it was hazy outside (which it was), but even if the sky were clear, you would hardly be able to see anything that is further than a stone’s throw away. Essentially, if you are looking for a way to spend your evening in Kathmandu, be sure to avoid this tour. I would hate for anyone else to get scammed the way we did.

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