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Læg din egen plan med hop-af-hop-på-turen i New York City og en sejltur i havnen. Billetter gælder i 48 timer, så du kan se så meget eller så lidt, du vil, i dit eget tempo. Der er mere end 40 stoppesteder over hele byen. Vælg VIP-turpasset for at få mere for pengene, fordi det opgraderer dig til VIP med ret til at springe køen og giver dig en ekstra seværdighed på turen.



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, okt. 2017

The buses in New York Grayline are not as good as the other company competitor
If you are stuck on the bottom of the bus they fill quickly you can't see very well because the windows are not clear but covered in some sort of material. I didn't like it all all. I would not choose Grayline again.

, okt. 2017

Very convenient tour to see the city.

, sep. 2017

The web sites to show your voucher to any of the HOHO bus drivers to get on the bus, WRONG!! We walked to an area to get the bus to travel to battery park, we were told we had to get our voucher verified at one of the assigned locations. So off we go again to get verified and stood in line for 1/2 hour. There was only one person in the office. When it became our turn, I said to the girl it looks like your need help and also informed her that the site said we could show our voucher to any driver to get on. She said I don't know what your talking about. She proceeded getting our tickets and was showing an attitude. When she was finished she rudely handed me the tickets and said I'll let you go this time, but the next time I'll take you out side and WHOOP your ass. Well she won't be seeing me anytime soon, because I won't use the service again nor will I be going back to NYC. NYC has to be one of the dirtiest cities in the world. It did not look lake that when JuliannI was mayor. What an embarrassment to the US, especially when foreign guest come to see one of the most visited cities.

, sep. 2017

I was very very disappointed with my experience in booking this tour. When I purchased through Viator online, I was told that ALL I had to show to get on to the hop on bus tour was Either my printed voucher, or the app on my phone, and that I could board any bus along the route. I got all the way to New York and was at one of the stops waiting to see a bus to hop on and after about an hour waiting I called the phone number provided to me, and they told me I had to get to a location in downtown NY to exchange my voucher for tickets!!! I was sure they were mistaken and kept telling them that Viator had specifically told me all I needed was the printed voucher or my phone app!! After calling back and forth to Viator and this tour agency for about another hour of frustration. I was finally told that Viator was the one at fault for giving me that information. I was very inconvenienced and lost hours of my vacation time finally finding my way to the tour agency and having to exchange my voucher from Viator for tickets. I will NOT TRUST Viator in the future and will have to make sure they are giving me the correct information on how to get on tours.

, aug. 2017

The cruise was one of my favorite things. Would highly recommend all parts of this.

, aug. 2017

We decided to try the Hop-On-Hop-Off tour because it offered my family of 4 the opportunity to see many of the sights of NYC that we wouldn't otherwise be able to see during our short visit. We have used Hop-On-Hop-Off tours in other cities worldwide and found them to be very professional and informative, and also provide us with an easy way to navigate unknown locales. Our 1st day in NYC, we took the bus north from Times Sq. up through Harlem and back to TS. The driver was great and negotiated the traffic like it was nothing and the bus stayed on track with the narration on the head-sets. Overall, day 1 was enjoyable. Day 2 we took the bus south from TS to the Battery park area. What can I say, our second day's experience nearly made me swear off ever using Hop-On-Hop-Off tours ever again. The way the driver handled the bus and his skill actually lack of skill was terrible. His use of both the gas pedal and brake pedal nearly made everyone in my group sick - lurching forward, slamming on the breaks, jerking, and swerving were never-ending. I understand NYC traffic is an issue and sometimes sudden breaking or acceleration can't be avoided, but on this bus, with this driver, it was constant and not caused by the crazy NYC traffic! And to add to the sickening ride, the narration was completely off so we had no idea what we were seeing, which was very frustrating. There wasn't a guide on the bus that we could see and with the ride being so jerky, we dared not go from the back of the top deck down to talk with the driver for fear of getting seriously jolted around. Needless to say, we got off when we realized this tour wasn't getting any better. We took the subway for the rest of the day. We chose not to do the night tour because we didn't want to possibly have another sickening bus ride and sour our whole experience and we ran out of time for the harbor cruise. I'm torn on this recommendation - first day was fine, but the second day was awful. Overall, Ill give it a 2-star rating, reluctantly.

, mar. 2017

Informativ und kurzweilig.

, dec. 2016

Fantastic way to see NYC in a day and a half. That's all we had planned for on road trip from Niagara Falls to Cape Cod. So impressed, we want to come back and do it again.

, okt. 2016

We lost our tickets and was not able to get a replacement at the viator store. We bought a 48 hour tickets and only used 4 hours.
Do not lose you tickets, there is no replacements.

, sep. 2016

Loved this tour. SO WORTH IT!! 90 of the guides were historical interesting and learned and

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