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Oplev et af landets mest berømte seværdigheder med en dagstur til Niagara Falls fra Manhattan. Se vandfaldene fra mange forskellige udsigtspunkter og tag dig tid til at udforske Niagara Falls State Park på egen hånd. Få tæt nok til faldet til at mærke deres tåge, og har masser af flotte foto ops. Lad dig bekymre dig for at køre og navigere til din guide, og nyde film og Wi-Fi på busrejse.
  • Besøg Niagara Falls fra New York på en dag
  • Se fossen og få tid til at udforske Niagara Falls State Park
  • Glem de problemer, der kører, og nyd film og Wi-Fi på bussen
  • Praktisk rundturstransport fra Times Square

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, mar. 2019

The attraction itself was so fabulous, better than my expectation. We went when the most ride was not operating due to the ice still around. We were pleased we didn't go at peak season as the crowds would make it less appealing. The bus ride was long, as expected, stops were enough, people were great, crossing the border and back through customs was an ordeal and not very friendly. Lot of confusion with who is staying on USA side and who is not, majority is Spanish speaking but a lot of languages were covered. Well worth the trip.

Ania B
, sep. 2018

The falls are beautiful and once you are there and have time to walk around the drive is totally worth it. I do want to point out when booking the tour the description mentioned that this was a Bilingual tour it fails to mention that the primary language is Spanish. Once we got to Niagara Falls the tour guide was great and did accommodate both languages. The drive is extremely long 8 hours each way and the movie that was played on a way back was in Spanish. Please update the details of the tour to make it clear that the tour will primary be conducted in Spanish so folks are fully aware before booking.

, jul. 2018

Las Cataras del Niágara son realmente impresionantes, pero aún no sé si vale la pena hacer el tour de aproximadamente 19 horas, donde más de 14 horas la pasas sentado en un bus para 45 personas, con asientos incómodos y sin proyección de películas como ofrecen.
Llegas a Niagara Falls alrededor de las 12.00 hrs y la primera parada después del tentempié del camino es para almorzar 1 hora, y como esta excursión puede reservarse en diferentes páginas, las opciones a contratar también son distintas, existiendo una donde el almuerzo viene incluido en el tour. Para los que no contrataron esta opción, existe la posibilidad de bajarse a comer igualmente en el buffet pagando los 18 tax 12 tax si es viernes o en un sector donde abundan food trucks. Para los que optan por la segunda opción es recomendable bajarse con cámaras fotográficas porque probablemente el bus no podrá estacionar para recogerlos después de la hora de almuerzo y dejará a los que fueron al buffet en esa misma ubicación para caminar todos juntos en dirección al parque.
Si contrataste la opción superior que viene con la excursión en el Maid of the Mist sale alrededor de 55 más que la otra opción cuando la entrada sólo vale 20 tendrás que hacer igualmente la fila para comprar porque es la única entrada al barco, así que recomiendo sólo comprar la opción del recorrido en autobús, sale más económico y toma el mismo tiempo. Mientras haces todas las filas necesarias para subir al Maid of the Mist el guía aprovecha de narrar información sobre las Cataratas del Niágara. El recorrido en barco dura aproximadamente 20 minutos y vale la pena cada segundo, no te preocupes por mojarte porque te pasan protección, aunque cuidado con las cámaras fotográficas y celulares.
Cuando bajes del barco te quedará poco más de una hora para recorrer el parque y tomar fotos desde los distintos miradores. A las 16:00 hrs hay que estar en el sector de los food trucks para que te recoja el bus y comenzar el retorno a la ciudad de Nueva York. Con una parada en el camino para comer, ir al baño y estirar las piernas, se llega aproximadamente a las 23:00 hrs a NYC donde te dejan frente al Port Authority Bus Terminal, en la 42nd st. con la 8th Ave.
14 horas en bus, 1 almorzando, 3 en Niagara Falls State Park. Están avisados!

Debbie E
, jul. 2018

This tour was disgraceful. The Falls are well worth going to see, they are magnificent BUT Amigo Tours OMG an absolute joke. They immediately ask does anyone speak any language other than Spanish Yes English - OK but they continue to speak the whole entire time in spanish Dont know why they bothered asking!!
Seats were uncomfortable and no movies on board
We arrived at Niagara Falls and stopped in the town. The tour guide told everyone to get off the coach and go find somewhere to eat. then said he and about a dozen passengers were going to a pre planned buffet, of which the rest of us knew nothing about. I asked him to check if ours names were on the list because we went sure what we paid for He didn't even look and said no they are not, when i said you didn't even check our names he said i know because the only names on the list are spanish sounding names. Then i told them we didn't know anything about the buffet but could we go too he said ok get back on the bus. Some of the other passengers didn't know what was going on and were left just standing on the footpath. So unorganised!!. Buffet was fabulous though so much food and so reasonable recommend eating there.
The Maid In The Mist boat ride is a MUST. It was amazing, stunning and well worth doing. The rest of the afternoon was so rushed that we walked from the boat tour to Goat Island in less than 30 mins. The guide told us the history as we walked mostly in spanish unless we asked him sorry what was that? If you stopped to take pictures they kept going and missed most of what he said. Everyone was in the souvenir shop so we went to the bathroom and came out and everyone was gone so we had to run to keep up. We left to return to New York so late because they kept doing head counts 3-4 times then realised 2 passengers were actually no shows in the morning. The driver flew on the motorway the whole way home No stopping we actually feared for our lives as he was driving erratically and too fast. He drove the whole way straight to New York and we arrived back around 11.30pm . . Absolutely disgraceful!! It was so rushed it wasn't funny. The Falls are amazing and I'm glad I got to see them but unless you speak Spanish i wouldn't recommend going with Amigo Tours

Anita B
, jun. 2018

Everything went wrong on this trip. I booked and opted the boattrip for my 50th birthday but received an e-mail in wich I was asked by AmigoTours if we were able to reschedule to the 20th instead. I answered the mail several times but didn't get any confirmation. The hotel receptionist called the office and got an answering machine.... We were supposed to get on the bus at 4am but it was late and the driver waited for something or someone until just before 5 am. 15 minutes after we finally drove of we heard an alarm suggesting the doors didn't close properly. It took 20 minutes to silence it. We arrived in Niagara Falls 12.30pm, it's there where our guide Nancy from over the falls tours got on the bus. Instead of taking us to the falls, she took us to the casino to have lunch for an hour. 2pm we made it to the falls and our voucher turned out to be WORTHLESS, because AmigoTours apparently hadn't paid the park our money for entering the park and the boat. AmigoTours is NOT known to them.... So we had to buy 2 new tickets at the entrance, the manager was called to assist, he spoke to AmigoTours on my phone and meanwhile our tourguide Nancy was nowhere to be found, she claims to have counted her group....but it turns out she was already on the boat with all the other people on the tour without us 2 because we were still at the entrance trying to get our ticket. The Falls were great, the boattrip was awesome but AmigoTours and Nancy from over the falls tours were worthless and useless.

Belinda M
, maj 2018

I'm actually not even sure if some of the reviews for this trip are real. It was disgraceful. The pick-up time was 4am but we didn't get on the road until at least 30mins later. By the time we got to the falls it was lunch time. Half the tour who were Spanish speaking had a buffet lunch and the rest of us were told to get lunch and meet back NO LATER than a certain time. Then the guide and the buffet group were 15 to 20mins later. We then walked to the falls but weren't allowed to look at them or take photos as we could do that in our free time 5mins or so it turned out to be later. Then we went on the Maid of the Mist - this was amazing and is 90 of the two stars I have given. I absolutely recommend it. Our guide then took us on a short walk with a bit of information and history. He had to repeat everything as it was a double language tour, which meant it took 60mins to hear 30mins of info. We then had about 5mins to use the bathroom, buy souvenirs, and take photos. This was not nearly enough time. If the lunch group wasn't so late we would have had ample time. We travelled from Australia and will likely never get to experience this again - it was very upsetting that we didn't get the few minutes needed to take a couple of photos and enjoy the falls. We then got back on the bus around 4pm and drove...and drove...and drove. We stopped around 11pm for a bathroom break - no one told us we wouldn't be stopping for dinner, or even a bottle of water. We finally got back to the city after midnight.

There were so many ways this tour could have been improved. Communication is the main one. If wrist bands or stickers were given for the various optional parts lunch and boat ride we wouldn't have to have our names ticked off three times. If snacks were provided we wouldn't have had to skip dinner. The bus could have played movies on the 7hr drive - even documentaries about the falls, so the guide didn't have to regurgitate Wikipedia.

The two stars are for the falls alone, which I'm glad to have seen. The tour itself deserves negative stars. I've never been so disgusted or disappointed to have spent money on a tour before.

, maj 2018

Wonderful experience. I have visited NY many times, and never thought about experiencing Niagara Falls in one day. When some friends recommended us this tour, we decided to go for it, and we are pleased we did it. The round trip it's very comfortable, and the time spent in Niagara was great. We really recommend the boat experience in summer time. 100 recommended.

Karen T
, maj 2018

This tour was disgraceful. The 3 stars is for the falls themselves - well worth going to see. We were told to be at the arranged meeting point 10-15 minutes before 4am. The bus didn't turn up until after 4am and by the time we left we were already 30-40 mins behind. Once we finally got there 12.30pm - much later than was supposed to be most of us were dropped at the food court and told to be back in an hour and NOT to be late. Our guide and about a dozen passangers were going to a pre planned buffet, of which the rest of us knew nothing about. The guide was late getting back from lunch and told us to hurry, don't stop to take pictures because we can do that in our free time. What a joke. The Maid In The Mist boat ride is a MUST. It was amazing, stunning and well worth doing. The rest of the afternoon was so rushed that we walked from the boat tour to Goat Island in less than 30 mins. The guide told us the history as we walked. If you stopped to take pictures they kept going and missed most of what he said. We were then told to get back on the bus for home. I, and others, expected to stop for something to eat and rest room break. No, we went straight through until 11.30pm when the driver looked for somewhere to stop. We stopped at Walmart and were told just use the restroom don't go into Walmart for any shopping. Mind you we hadn't eaten since lunch.

Absolutely disgraceful!! It was so rushed it wasn't funny. I read all the reviews and picked this on the basis of those reviews. Either we just picked the wrong day to go or the reviews are not accurate. The bus seats were very uncomfortable - especially having to sit for so long on the way back. There were no movies. The WiFi worked ok but I couldn't play anything to watch - it just kept telling me to re try.

The Falls are amazing and I'm glad I got to see them. The rest I am not happy with.

Xavier P
, feb. 2018

I was so happy to confirm that this was the best option among the other tours that take you through the pain of airports. The bus was really comfortable and we actually spent more time enjoying the amazing scenery of the Niagara Falls than the other guys that flew in. A great bang for your buck!

, feb. 2018

Super cool! Highly recommended.

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