Napoli, Italien
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Brug en dag på at udforske Vesuv og ruinerne i Pompeji, mens du er i havn i Napoli. Du ledsages af en ekspertguide og ser det største arkæologiske område i Europa under turen gennem Pompejis termiske bade Lupanare-bordellet og Forum. Bagefter kan du holde pause med en pizzafrokost, inden du vandrer op til toppen af Vesuv, vulkanen som lagde Pompeji i ruiner i år 79 e. Kr. Kig ned i krateret, og nyd den bjergtagende udsigt over bugten i Napoli.
Dagen starter med afhentning fra din krydstogthavnen i Napoli, hvor du vil møde din guide og køre til Pompejis ruiner, som er optaget på UNESCO’s verdensarvsliste.

Ved ankomsten kommer du på en 2-timers guidet tur gennem det imponerende arkæologiske område med stop i Vetti-huset, de termiske bade, Lupanare-bordellet og Forum, der alle blev begravet af vulkansk aske, da Vesuv gik i udbrud i år 79 e. Kr. Undervejs hører du historien om hvert sted, og du får hele historien bag den skæbnesvangre dag for næsten to tusind år siden, da den velhavende by gik til grunde.

Bagefter kan du slappe af med en gratis pizzafrokost med drikkevarer. Når der er tanket op, går du ombord i bussen til Vesuv, hvor du efter 45 minutters opstigning når toppen sammen med din guide. Nyd panoramaudsigten over bugten i Napoli fra toppen, og gå rundt om krateret i ca. 1.200 meters højde. Du skal ikke blive overrasket, hvis du ser damp stige op fra den sovende vulkan, når du kigger ned krateret.

Din heldagstur slutter med transport tilbage til dit oprindelige afgangssted.

Problemfri tur i land:
Vi sørger for, at du vender tilbage fra denne aktivitet til Napolis havn i god tid. Skulle det usandsynlige ske, at dit skib er sejlet, arrangerer vi transport til det næste havnestop. Hvis dit skib er forsinket, og du bliver forhindret i at deltage i denne aktivitet, får du pengene tilbage. Se vores vilkår og betingelser for nærmere oplysninger.


Bemærk: Et medium til højt konditionsniveau er nødvendigt for at nå toppen. Du anbefales at tage praktisk skotøj på. Der er et opholdssted, hvor du kan vælge at vente på din gruppe, hvis du ikke ønsker at gå hele vejen til toppen.

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, sep. 2018

We were very excited to visit Pompeii and Vesuvius. This excursion was disorganized and therefor rushed. Due to the disorganization we did not have adequate time at Vesuvius. We felt passed from one guide to another who seemed put out to deal with English speaking tourist. The sites were fantastic, but the tour was not.

, jul. 2018

We loved this tour! Our tour guide was extremely knowledgeable and easy to understand walking around Pompeii, which was just an incredible experience. It did feel a bit rushed at times getting from Pompeii to lunch and then to the bus, without a lot of explanation of what we were doing. The view from the top of Mt Vesuvius was worth every second of the climb, but it was an intense climb and on a not awesome road. The path was all loose, uneven gravel, so be prepared for that. We were covered with dirt when we got back to the bus.

, jul. 2018

I believe our guide was named Maria, but either way, she was funny, informative and very charming! We loved seeing Pompeii and after walking Vesuvius. However I would recommend people adhere to timelines, we ran late to Vesuvius and had very little time to get to the summit and back. Also recommend don't take pictures on the side a volcano while you are walking, bound to make yourself a sacrifice to the Gods by accident.

, jul. 2018

We got off the ship and waited with our group for the last family. A family of 6 who then didn’t fit on the bus. So we left them. I assume they went on a different bus. The bus was fine. The guide didn’t really keep us entertained. She didn’t go over any facts so we sat in silence for most of the time til we reached Mt Vesuvius. I proceeded to go buy the tickets So we waited for longer The hike was great although their was no guide arranged. When we asked for one he sat and began to show us pictures clearly not wanting to take us on the tour to the top. We left after 10 minutes sitting on the side since we only had 30 minutes left to reach the top. We made it and took pictures. Then went to lunch food and restaurant were great. Then our guide left and they made us wait for another group for over 30-45 minutes after eating. Was a waste of time. We could have spent at Pisa. The tour at Pisa was great. They got us to the ship just on time. The lunch and Pisa were great. A lot of wait around down time that was wasted because of their disorganization.

, jul. 2018

Mt. Vesuvius was a rutted at times steep trail to the crater I saw 5 people slip and fall. Pompeii was great lunch was great.

, maj 2018

This is the most disappointing Viator tour I have ever taken. I certainly would NOT recommend it. From the meet up point by our ship, things seem disorganized - it turned out there were two groups. We had to walk a long way to meet the bus at the curb on a busy street. Then we drove around the city picking up others. So, we spent at least 45 minutes - one hour in transition before the tour even started. That is time we could have spent doing more meaningful activities. It was a cloudy, foggy day at Mt. Vesuvius and even though the tour said Pompei is visited first - the guide reversed the order. That was not in the write up that I saw. When I asked Viator customer service about this - they checked - and the tour company said sometimes we reverse it. Well they should make that clear! We were at Mt Vesuvius in the mist - could see nothing and at Pompeii in the crowds and heat. I think the reverse would have been better - I doubt the morning was more crowded than the afternoon.

We waited at Mt. Vesuvius for over a half hour - for what that was not clear - we thought it was for the bus, but no after waiting for a long period, we walked back to the bus - again along the busy street and the guide did not really pay attention or direct us. Before getting back on the bus, I asked if we could have our tour ticket because I like to save them for my scrapbook and was told it was not possible. The guide needed them for the tour company. It seems a receipt from the park would be possible - I have never been told I could NOT have my ticket - which I essentially paid for. So, I had to take a photo of it!

When we got to the parking lot at Pompeii, there was not explanation of where we were going for lunch - just that we would meet our guide. So again, a long walk to a restaurant that was okay. It is Pizza or Spaghetti - and it is all made up ready to go - this is a tourist place. From the pizza restaurant, we made our way across the street to obtain headsets for the tour of Pompeii. The headsets were not clear. The guide was very mumbled sounding and getting us into Pompeii seemed disorganized again - and again, no Ticket.

Finally, I left the group and went and bought an audioguide and wandered alone. Overall, I thought the tour was a disaster. I asked for a refund because Viator says tours are guaranteed. Viator customer service checked with the operator who said, if the customer left the tour that was their choice, we provided what we said we would. I disagree - I found the tour disorganized, difficult to understand. The only benefit is that I got to see Pompeii - but at an outrageous cost. Do yourself a favor - book with a different company.

, feb. 2018

Wear your walking shoes and be prepared to walk on uneven stone roads. What a wonderful adventure into history. Loved our tour guide who wore high heel boots during our excursion. She gave us a super history lesson and was so much fun to be with this day.

, nov. 2017

Enjoyed the tour. Our tour guide was quite cheerful and funny when she was explaining the history. We really enjoyed the Pompeii trip. Mt Vesuvius was a bit disappointing when looking inside the volcano, but the view was beautiful at the top. The walk was tough at times and my worry was about time. I rushed down as I thought I would have missed my bus.

, nov. 2017

absolutely fabulous. so worth it. very educated English speaking tour guide. other travelers with other tour companies complained that their tours were to big. all of our tours through Viator were small and very personable. I would book all these tours 100 times over again. these tours made our trip as fabulous as it was. thank you Viator

, okt. 2017

LOVED this tour! It was a full day -- essentially half at Pompeii and half at Mt Vesuvius with a fabulous Italian lunch in between at a nice restaurant. Super happy we booked through Viator vs. the cruise line and the excursion was very well organized and comfortable. Lot's of walking in Pompeii and climbing at Mt Vesuvius, but both are MUST sees. I really recommend, tour guide was fantastic.

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