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Samana Dagstur gennem Miches

Samana Province, Caribien 

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Se de fantastiske landskaber i Den Dominikanske Republik, da du gør din vej til Samana via land, bus og båd. Lav stopper ved El Limon Waterfall og Cayo Levantado (også kendt som Bacardi Island). Du stopper også på Miche, El Limon Station, Rancho Tipico og flere lokalsamfund. Det er den perfekte måde at få mest muligt ud af din tid på dette tropiske sted og se de seværdigheder og attraktioner, der gør dette til en af ​​landets bedste steder at besøge.
  • Rejser til Samana via land og vand
  • Besøg Limon Vandfald og lokalsamfund
  • Nyd inkluderet frokost og drinks
  • Informativ, venlig og professionel vejledning
  • Rundtur hotel transport inkluderet

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Anmeldelser fra Viator-rejsende
, apr. 2019
We never took the airplane ride like the describing said I only went because of the plane I would have never done it I AM DEMANDING A REFUND
Svar fra vært , jul. 2019
We are really sorry for the late answer and the misunderstanding regarding the airplane. Our Air excursion has been cancelled for over a year.The tour you originally booked is the land version, which do not offer transport by plane, but by A/C coach and boat.
This trip was our first excursion...
Dennis J K
, jan. 2018
This trip was our first excursion upon arrival. We arrived on a Tuesday, late afternoon, and this excursion was an early start the next morning. My husband never takes extra money for tipping. Do you have one of Anyway, due to the early start, I forgot to bring extra cash for tipping- I had only 49.00 in my pocket. The country was beautiful. We rode on horseback to the waterfalls. Each horse had a guide that walked along side your horse as you ride. This was WORK...for both the horse and the guide! The horses take this trek once a day because it is so much work. I immediately felt guilty for not bringing more tipping cash! Yes, you pay for the excursion up-front, but I'm telling you- the locals guides rely on daily tips, and I'll bet after the booking company takes their cut-the locals don't get much. I gave my guide all my cash, but I really wanted to give him at least 100. Calapresi was my horse, and if the guide is reading this...I am sorry for not giving you a bigger tip! I was unprepared. You were a wonderful guide, as was the horse. You called me a cowboy- even though I am a woman...haha. When we come back, I'll be ready and prepared. Thank you, again! The cowboy woman rider
The trip itself was fantastic...
Alton W
, jan. 2018
The trip itself was fantastic ! Waterfall was spectacular, horseback ride was good and not as taxing as you would think. Dont worry about steps to waterfall not nearly as brutal as it sounds. Only drawback was the sales pitches at every stop and the trip photos they expect you to buy for 50, you get a photo cd of everyone on the excursion there were 4 photos of my wife and I . We were picked up at 6:30am and dropped off at 8:pm. A very long day.
One of the horrible trips I had in...
Bryan Christian D
, nov. 2017
One of the horrible trips I had in my life. My partner and I got sick the next day after being transported via both with a storm. The crew who handled this didn't even offer any rain coat or any protection against the storm, we all then got very wet through the whole 40 min trip. On top of this, we were then transferred to a bus that took 1.5 hrs. from one place to another. THe bus didn't have heater and the air, cold air, had to be on as the window will fogged up had the air been off. The tour guide and the driver were extremely unprofessional. I will not recommend this trip ever again. They had NO CARE for their customers. This moment of my life was a nightmare.
My husband and I just got back from...
, sep. 2017
My husband and I just got back from our trip to Punta Cana and this was the highlight of our trip! Such a fun filled long day. We were picked up around 6:30 am and dropped off at our hotel around 8:30 pm. Loved the horse back ride through the jungle to the waterfall! Make sure you bring bug protection of some sort. Once getting off the horse, you do have to walk the rest of the way to the waterfall which was a pretty long steep set of steps through the jungle. Warning for anyone who may have a hard time with that, but it was so worth it. Our guide Elvis was absolutely wonderful and funny! We were the only english speaking people on the tour and he would translate back and forth for us. The people that help with the horse back ride are all volunteers so when we tipped, you would have thought they struck gold. Received a great cultural experience along with samples of Mama Juana, Cocoa, and Rum! Samana was a beautiful white sandy beach with clear water. We would recommend to everyone! Love love loved it! Thank you for making our trip!
Samana Day trip through Miches was...
Charles D
, aug. 2017
Samana Day trip through Miches was a very good time overall. We went in the first part of May. Just a few tips for you if you choose this trip! 1. It is a very long day trip 12 hours. It wore us out. : 2. Bring plenty of extra money for tips. 3. If you have a medical issue that prohibits you frrom walking stairs this is not for you. It has lots of steps that are slick. 4. Bring a change of clothes to wear after the horse back ride and wall fall. The staff are very friendly and helpful with everything you need done. Overall it is a great time!
The day was packed full of fun! A...
, jun. 2017
The day was packed full of fun! A bus ride, then a boat ride, then opened air truck through the country side finally a horseback ride up a mountain to get to a beautiful waterfall.
The waterfall was beautiful and...
, apr. 2017
The waterfall was beautiful and refreshing. Most of your time will be spent in transport: 2 hour bus ride 1 hour boat ride breakfast 30 minute smaller bus ride short presentation of local products and safety instructions short walk 45 minute hors ride 20 minute walk that included 130 steps going down that you have to walk back up going back 30 minute waterfall dip then do all of this again in reverse including eating lunch. Food was decent, guide was great. Bring tip money for your horse wrangler who stays with you while on the horse and acts as your photographer, if needed. Overall, I would do it again, but those stairs are not recommended for anyone who cannot exert too much energy and they fail to mention this in the description.
The Samana day trip through Miches...
Vickie B
, apr. 2017
The Samana day trip through Miches was definitely a full day of activities. Positives: Efficient pickup at hotel. The ride from Samana to Limon where you ride horses to the waterfall was interesting and the countryside is beautiful. The waterfall was also worth seeing. Negatives: The boat used to cross from Miches to Samana was a flat open boat which did not seem suited to cross open ocean, was a very rough, wet ride. The tour guide said at the beginning there was an open bar at lunch and the beach but it was not true. The guides were not friendly and I got the sense they know you won't be back so they don't really care whether you like the excursion or not. My suggestion would be to make the trip but with a different tour company.
Out of 13 hours we traveled 10.5...
, mar. 2017
Out of 13 hours we traveled 10.5 hours. Only spent 20 minutes at the falls. The boat ride is over an hour in open water. The boat is too small for 6-8 ft waves. You will get soaked. Rough terrain so any physical ailments will hinder you. Don't do this trip you will be miserable! No joke!

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