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Shore Excursion: Zip Line Adventure med abe / sloth hang-out og snorkel

French Harbour, Honduras

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Stige gennem Roatas frodige grønne jungle på en zipline, gør flips, svinger, og Superman bevæger sig som du går. Denne tur kombinerer et zipline eventyr med et besøg i abe og sloth helligdommen og en snorkel udflugt til Roatans afskærende koralrev. Arrangering af alle disse aktiviteter alene ville være udfordrende, men booking af denne tur betyder, at alle detaljer er taget hånd om, herunder al transport fra dit hotel og mellem aktiviteter.
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Anmeldelser fra Viator-rejsende
Fantastic time!
, jan. 2020
We booked this excursion to do when we got of our cruise ship. There were five of us, 2 adults and 3 children ( 17,15,12). We were personally greeted and taken in a van to the location where we would zip line. The zip line was fast and fun and the crew was joking around and having a good time with the guests. My children did headstands and flips of the platforms! We also were able to see many animals after and interact with them. The same driver took us to another part of town where we took a boat out to a beautiful reef and went snorkeling. The water was clear and full of beautiful ocean life. The driver than took us back to our ship. It was a fun filled day and we would do this excursion again if we stop at this port. Thanks for some great memories, pictures, and videos!
Confusing but Great Time
Quinn V
, dec. 2019
When we arrived, we walked outside the port area, past the taxis, and down the road a bit and saw a man holding the "Anderson Tours" sign. We walked with him to a sketchy alleyway (not going to lie, I was nervous) where the tour guide's sisters/cousins tried to sell us "hand made" (also for sale by everyone in every port) jewelry. We sat for about 45 minutes waiting for the tour guide to get a car in the alleyway, and watched numerous cars go by with fully tinted windows. Once the tour guy arrived, we were told it would just be just the two of us on the tour - which was awesome on one hand but scary on another. We walked to the car (there was admittedly a lot of traffic). Once we got in, I asked if our first activity would be zip lining. He said it would, and he turned around and brought us back to the same place we started... Apparently the zip line place was just up the hill, so waiting was a waste of time. Zip lining was extremely fun, although I didn't really being enough cash to tip everyone. I assumed we would have the one guide all day, but our tour guide was more of our liaison/taxi driver, and waited while we went zip lining with another group. I had to tip 3 guys for 45 minutes of entertainment, but unfortunately could only ration $5 for all of them. We then had a couple drinks at a nearby bar, $5/drink and $1/bottle of water. Definitely keep in mind credit cards aren't like America in this country, where you tip after they swipe, so tell the server to add the tip before she walks away! It was a short walk to the sloths. There were also monkeys, birds and butterflies. That was a short excursion (maybe 30 minutes whereas with gearing up the zip lining was an hour). Another guide showed us around while our main guide waited for us. We then drove 45 minutes to the west side of the island to the docks. We got in a small boat with the guide and a driver and drove to a beach, got some photos, almost got a massage ($20 for one hour) and explored with the guide. We got back in the boat with some more people this time and went snorkeling. They provided gear, and a place to put your phone/wallet so it didn't get wet. The fish were gorgeous, by far the best part of the trip. This was about 2 hours. We tipped the driver of the boat who also did the snorkeling tour. We also tipped our main guide. Total tips were $20, not sure if it was an appropriate amount between two people, I wish I had more cash on me. Despite some miscommunication, it was a blast!

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