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El Yunque Rainforest Halvdagsrejse fra San Juan

San Juan, Caribien 

Fra 66,00 $ USD

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Oplev de naturlige vidundere i El Yunque regnskov på denne afslappede halvdag udforskning fra San Juan. Nyd en tur til et smukt vandfald, en fantastisk udsigt og mere end 240 arter af planter og dyr, der kalder dette subtropiske hjemsted. Din Puerto Rico regnskov tour omfatter også tur-retur transport fra de fleste hoteller i San Juan, professionel guide og alle indgangen til parken.
  • Halvdags tur til El Yunque regnskov
  • Nyd en fantastisk verden af ​​naturstier, vandfald og naturskønne udsigter
  • Lær om områdets historie og biologi fra din kyndige vejledning
  • Gratis afhentning og frafald fra de fleste San Juan hoteller
Udforsk den eneste tropiske regnskov i USA's nationale skovsystem på denne halvdags tur. Gå parkens naturstier, omgivet af træ orkideer, kæmpe bregner og vildblomster, da du venter på en kameraværdig samling vandfald og panoramaudsigt i nordøst Puerto Rico.

Start din dag tidligt med afhentning fra udvalgte hoteller i San Juan. Kør derefter fra San Juan til El Yunque, beundrer de typiske indfødte byer og skiftende scener, når du stiger op i regnskoven. Dette økosystem er opkaldt efter den gamle indiske ånd Yuquiyu, der blev antaget at have rejst engang over hele Puerto Rico, hvilket beskytter øen og dets folk.

Begynd en let gåtur på en af parkens stier, og hold øje med noget af områdets dyreliv. Gør din vej langs stier tyk med træ orkideer, kæmpe bregner, vilde blomster og tropiske hårdttræer, og stop ved La Coca Vandfald.

Så kom hjem til San Juan, og kom tilbage til dit hotel i den tidlige eftermiddag.

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Anmeldelser fra Viator-rejsende
Waste of Tome and Money
, aug. 2019
The description is inaccurate. This is basically a van ride. We expected trails and were told everything was closed. When you look on yelp people are hiking the forest and we were told we couldn’t. I would like a refund. We spent 5 days in PR and this was the only tour we took because the expense of doing more than one was to much for our family. The tour itself sucked. the company should be ashamed. Agree with last reviewer. Highlight was lunch which we paid for!
, aug. 2019
Punchline, DON"T TAKE THIS TOUR!! On Sunday, August 4th, 2019 my five friends and I attended the El Yunque Rainforest Half-Day Trip from San Juan trip for $66 per person. As we departed San Juan the tour guide told us that we would have to make, what he described as an illogical stop to see a short film about the rain forest. Boy was he not kidding, after a twenty-minute drive we were shuffled into the room and force-fed a promotional video about the rain forest and all of the plants that lived in it. After thirty minutes we departed for what we thought would be a walking and sightseeing tour of the best of the rain forest, instead, we were driven to a bridge overpass and told we could swim in the muddy waters. There was nothing to do under the bridge but look at some rocks and some water so we asked to leave and go to the next stop. The driver then took us to a tower where we were told to climb to the top, so we did. At the top, you get a view of trees (the same view you get at the bottom of the tower). This tower in the forest only kept our interest for a few minutes and we asked to leave again. Finally, we thought we would get out in the rain forest and see cool things, but alas, were shuffled back onto the bus and dropped off at a road-side attraction. A waterfall that looked nice to see. We were told to get out and check it out. We did. But we never actually got to do any walking in the rain forest. No hike, just a roadside tour of three spots. In the end, the tour made a final stop at a roadside food stall, which was, unfortunately, the highlight of the entire tour. The tour cost about $66 a person and instead of taking this tour I would recommend you ask and Uber driver to take on a drive through the rain forest. It will be cheaper and you will have the same experience. I should note that our so-called "tour guide" told us he was a substitute because the read tour guide could not make it into work that day, but still, it was a horrendous experience. I would like a refund for this trip.
A tour of rocks
, aug. 2019
We barely got to see the rainforest at all. The tour consisted of a movie, 2 stops at location where the only thing to do was climb on rocks, a climb up a tower to look over the rainforest and lunch. The movie made the tour look promising with all the beautiful scenery and animals that live in the rainforest. But what we saw was none of that. No cool interesting animals to see, no amazing sights to behold, just rocks. The food was very tasty and cheap so I can't complain about that part but out of this 5hr tour we were able to spend maybe an hour exploring the more tourist infested sections of the rainforest.
A bit pricey for what is included
, jul. 2019
As other reviews have said, the description of the tour provided on Viator does not match the actual tour. This was fine for me since my elderly mother was with us and can't do tons of walking. That said, the tour did feel a bit rushed. The tour guide told us we would have 30 minutes at each of the four stops: (1) the welcome center, (2) the observation tower, (3) the waterfall and (4) the lake but we definitely had less time at each. We had only finished viewing the 8 minute video at the visitor center when the tour guide told us it was time to get back on the bus. We felt similarly rushed at all of the three other stops. We arrived back to San Juan at 12:30 when we thought we would be getting back at 1:30 We were able to get some great pictures but wish we had more time. It was an play tour just not sure it was worth the price.
Rain forest
, jun. 2019
We had a female tour guide. She was very informative and very professional. I felt safe with her and would definitely request her again.
, jun. 2019
I couldn't be more pleased. Carlos is the epitome of the most friendly, informative and generous tour guide ever. His concern for our total enjoyment and safety was stellar. Thanks, Carlos, for such a wonderful experience!
Basic Tour of a Must See
, jun. 2019
You should not go to San Juan and miss El Yunque. This was a relaxed bus ride. Very little walking. Several stops including one for lunch. Guide was pleasant and knowledgeable.
Svar fra vært , jun. 2019
Some of the great unique qualities of visiting a tropical destination in the Caribbean is that you will experience tropical flora and fauna. Thank you for sharing
Rainforest Tour
, jun. 2019
Our trip to the rainforest was a lot of fun. We were able to see different sections of the rainforest and learned about the history of the area. Carlos was a great tour guy.
Svar fra vært , jun. 2019
Thank you very much for taking the time to review and giving us a 5 star review. Hope to see you again
, jun. 2019
The tour was amazing and our guide Sammy was even better. I would do this all over again! Beautiful!!!!
Not what I expected
, jun. 2019
At first, I thought this would be an adventurous hiking trip. It turns out that the driver only make a few stops in the rain forest. There was no hiking whatsoever. I was disappointed about this tour and it was not worth the money.

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