Seoul, Sydkorea
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Tag rundt i den koreanske demilitariserede zone (DMZ) med en kyndig guide, der fortæller om historien og højdepunkterne fra denne vigtige landtange, der adskiller Nord- og Sydkorea. DMZ blev grundlagt i 1953 efter koreakrigen og omfatter vigtige steder såsom Bridge of Freedom, den 3. infiltreringstunnel, Imjingak Park, DMZ udstillingssalen og Dora Observatorium. Besøg DMZ fra Seoul på en halvdagstur om morgenen eller eftermiddagen med valgfri opgraderinger til at inkludere frokost eller en heldagstur, hvor du også besøger Insadong antikgaden, et mekka af antikbutikker, forretninger og te-huse.
  • Heldags- eller halvdagstur til den koreanske demilitariserede zone (DMZ) fra Seoul
  • Hør ekspertkommentarer fra en kyndig guide, mens du besøger historiske steder ved DMZ
  • Se artilleri- og krigsartefakter ved Imjingak Park, og udforsk Bridge of Freedom til fods
  • Besøg den 3. infiltreringstunnel, og se krigsfoto ved DMZ udstillingssalen
  • Få et glimt af nordkoreansk landsbyliv fra Dora Observatorium
  • Vælg afgang morgen eller eftermiddag, som det passer dig
  • Opgrader til at inkludere frokost med shopping efter unikke souvenirs på Insadong antikmarked
Efter afhentning på dit hotel i Seoul skal du køre ca. en time for at nå frem til den koreanske demilitariserede zone (DMZ), et 4 km bredt stykke jord, der adskiller Nord- og Sydkorea.

Stop først i Imjingak, en park med krigsartefakter og artilleri fra den koreanske konflikt. Fortsæt til Bridge of Freedom, hvor næsten 13.000 koreanske krigsfanger blev udvekslet ved slutningen af krigen.

Det næste punkt på programmet er at se den 3. infiltreringstunnel, der menes at været blevet bygget af Nordkorea med henblik på en militær invasion. Tunnellen blev opdaget i 1978, og den blev blokeret af sydkoreanerne ved grænsens militære demarkationslinje. Bagefter kan du se på artefakter og fotografier fra koreakrigen på DMZ-museet.

Fortsæt med bus til Dora Observatorium, hvor du kan bruge kikkert til at se ud over Nordkorea. Observer en nordkoreansk modellandsby kaldet Kijongdong, mens din guide forklarer baggrundshistorien for dette surrealistiske grænseområde.

Din endelige destination er Dorasan Station, en togstation, der engang forbandt Nord- og Sydkorea, og som i dag har symbolsk betydning, som din guide vil fortælle om, mens du suger stedet til dig. Afslut besøget til DMZ ved at passere gennem Foreningslandsbyen, der repræsenterer det daglige liv i et typisk sydkoreansk landbrugssamfund.

Hvis du kun vælger en halvdagstur, kommer du tilbage til dit hotel i Seoul efter et kort stop ved et ginseng-center undervejs. Hvis du vælger halvdagsturen om morgenen med frokostopgradering, tager din guide dig med til frokost på en restaurant i Seoul efter et besøg i DMZ. På heldagsturen besøger du DMZ om morgenen, vender tilbage til Seoul for at spise frokost og tager derefter til Insadong antikgade om eftermiddagen. Insadong har et glimrende udvalg af butikker, antikbutikker, te-huse og kunstgallerier.



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, jan. 2019

It's a day long tour. A good insight into Korean Conflict. The guide was good and knowledgeable. The bonus was meeting a North Korean defector and knowing many insights and how things many things about North Korea is blown out of proportion by Western media. P.S. I am not pro NK. I give 1 point less as the tour was commercialised by taking us to a Ginseng shop which off course had a commission for tour company. It would be good if the tour company shares it's WhatsApp no for coordination as many tourist don't take local SIM. Take some snacks/ water with you as the most stops will have crowded shops. For some reason JSA wasn't part of the tour which I guess could be due to an upcoming rail line projects between two Koreas.We took a lunch package and the lunch was great for additional 10 USD.

, dec. 2018

This tour was horrible.First, the tour guide give much stories or history about the sites involved. After paying good money for such a tour from viator, I would expect more. The tour guide merely restated what was printed on the exhibit signs in front of the sites, and she gave it in a poor translation with much less details. I could have read the sign myself and gleaned more information. But that was not the worst part of the tour.Throughout the morning, the English and Chinese tour guide (there were 2 tour groups on the same bus) kept rushing us through the DMZ sites, giving us 15-20 min at some of those places. I wondered if it was because there were many sites at DMZ to cover, so we had to rush through because we only had 6.5 hours. I was wrong…I found out later that this was so that they could bring our tour groups to a GINSENG FACTORY. We spent 1 hour 10 minutes at that factory. Ridiculous. I paid for a 6.5 hour tour to the DMZ. This includes 2.5 to 3 hours of travelling to and fro from the DMZ. And we had to spend one-third of our time at some random ginseng factory - claiming to be agents selling government-controlled korean ginseng - just so the tour guides can get a commission from those scammers.Horrible experience, would not recommend. Expected more from viator.

, okt. 2018

We liked our guide, but the tour did not actually supply that much information about the history and current struggles faced between N and S Korea. I wasn’t sure where I was at times and it was a bit rushed. Seeing the tunnel was worthwhile and thought provoking. I would have liked more information and question and answer time.

, aug. 2018

Don’t lose this tour. It was a visit to the Korean history, full of emotions. Tears welled up in my eyes in front of the last steam locomotive that stopped at Jangdan Station on December 31, 1950, coming from Pyongyang, now damaged and neglected for over 50 years in the DMZ, with bullet scars and broken wheels. So touching having the opportunity to cross the third tunnel under the border between North and South Korea, as well as to buy a ticket for Pyeongyang from the Dorasan Station near S and N Korean borders. The current purpose of the station is largely symbolic of the hope for eventual Korean . Must go.

, aug. 2018

An absolute must in South Korea !!! The jinseng factory is not worth at all but it is in the program schedule...

, jul. 2018

We loved our tour guide Erika! She was amazing and added a lot of humor to the tour. She gave helpful tips and was always engaging. The 3rd tunnel is a pretty physical activity. If your tall or claustrophobic, it may not be your gig. But it was very cool underground considering how humid and hot it was that day!

, jun. 2018

What a place what a history.

It was fantastic from start which pick up from the hotel and they well organized.

Emily our guide was brilliant and spoke English very well.

Go to this tour and for sure go with Emily

, apr. 2018

Chloe was our guide and she was super patient during the 7AM pickup I was on the first pick up stop and there were at least 2 stops where the passengers didn't show up but we finally made it to the park, observatory, train station, and tunnel. She provided some context of historical knowledge coupled with current news. There was plenty of time to sight see on our own and explore the areas but she also made it very clear where we could or could not take pictures. The ginseng tour felt a little tacked on but if you participated in the lunch, which I opted not to, then it probably was ok. I was just a little irked that I couldn't take pictures inside the ginseng center since it had charts and scientific facts but no brochures available.

, apr. 2018

A day trip that will appeal to those with an interest in the history of the conflict in the Korean Penensula.

, apr. 2018

Very informative guide and the tour was packed with historical sites/information. Not much to see at the end of the 3rd tunnel hike but was well worth it just to be able to see the underground environment and tunnel itself. The climb back up to ground level was extremely strenuous.

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