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Sydney Taronga Zoo Almindelig entrébillet og Wild Australia Experience (Oplev australiens dyreliv)

Mosman, Australien

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2 timer (ca.)
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Nyd en insider udsigt over Taronga Zoo, en top attraktion beliggende på naturskønne Sydney Harbour. En zoo keeper giver dig eksklusive bag-the-scenes adgang til dyrene og andre fantastiske oplevelser, som du ikke får med regelmæssig adgang. Denne lille gruppe tur har en grænse på otte deltagere, der sikrer, at du får en personlig 2-timers oplevelse med rigelig tid til at blande med kænguruer, tage billeder med koalaer og wombats og få tætte møder med en række andre australske dyreliv.
  • En 2-timers dybde og bag kulisserne tur i Taronga Zoo
  • Kør Sky Safari svævebanen til fantastiske luftbilleder af zoologisk have og havnen
  • Fotograferes tæt på koalaer
  • Besøg et arbejde zoo køkken og se, hvordan maden er forberedt
  • Mød håndopdyrkede indfødte dyr
  • Gå bag scenen i det australske natlige hus
  • Hele dagen adgang til at udforske Taronga Zoo før og efter din tur
  • Morgen eller eftermiddagste med cupcakes
  •  Lille gruppe tur max 8 deltagere

Derfor vælger rejsende denne tur

En zookeeper tur tager dig til områder uden for grænserne for at lære mere om zoologisk have og se koalas tæt på.
Efter at have gjort din vej over Sydney Harbour, har du to transportmuligheder for at komme frem til hovedindgangen til zoologisk have på toppen af bakken. Du kan enten hoppe på den gratis bus eller Sky Safari gondol. Gondolen glider over dyrets kabinetter, der giver et eksempel på orangutangerne, asiatiske elefanter og andre critters ovenfra. Når du ankommer til indgangen, skal du mødes med din zoo keeper guide og starte din Wild Australia tour.

Under din tur møder du en række dyr og kigger ind i dyreparkens indre arbejde. Stop ved en zoo køkken og lær hvordan personalet forbereder måltider til critters 'forskellige kostvaner. Følg din guide i det begrænsede område på den australske nattelivs udstilling for at observere nattlige væsner, der er vanskelige at få øje på i det vilde. Udforsk verden af kænguruer, wallabies og emus; udgør for billeder med koalaer inde i deres kabinet og lære om dyrelivet og bevaringsprojekter fra din ekspertguide. Oplev de ikoniske væsner i Australien, herunder echidnas, platypus, wombats og bilbies, når du udforsker zoologisk have på denne fascinerende tur.

Efter din tur kan du nyde gratis lette forfriskninger i zooens Harbourview Cafe, som har en spektakulær udsigt over Sydney Harbour Bridge og hinsides. Du får også en souvenir gave og har resten af dagen til at udforske Taronga Zoo på din fritid.


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Anmeldelser fra Viator-rejsende
Amazing experience!
Jonathan M
, aug. 2019
First of all Laura was an amazing guide. We first went to an area that had Kangaroos, emu’s, and wallaby’s walking around an open area. She told us about them, their gestation periods. From there we went to see the kolas up close. We had the opportunity to see a baby kola with his mother. It was hard to see because it kept hiding but every now and then it popped out to see what was going on. After that we went behind the scenes to meet a couple of local animals and took a visit to the kitchen to see how they prepare meals for the animals.
An amazing mix-up recovery!
Christine C
, jul. 2019
Wow.... I cannot truly say enough good things about my experience at the Taronga Zoo!!! It started off quite questionably, though, when it was a fog-filled morning with the ferries not running. Not to be deterred from my plan, I arrived via Uber to the ferry drop-off point to follow the itinerary to an empty ferry dock with a lone zoo employee. She directed me to the sky-tram, and up I went into the foggy abyss. When I got to the Info Desk, they could not find my reservation, and the tour had left early for a private reservation. Short version, they had no one to give the tour, but were determined to make it right. After about 10 minutes of wrangling and the volunteers chatting with me to pass the time, the zoo folks put together an experience that likely was far better than the tour could ever be :-) I was escorted around the Australia native section of the zoo with a lovely volunteer, Lynn, and was also briefly handed off to an amazing zoo-keeper, Grace. Both zoo folks did an amazing job letting me take photos and learn about the unique animals of Australia. I cannot thank the Taronga Zoo enough for an unforgettable experience that could have been a major disappointment. It is something I will treasure for a lifetime!
Perfect Close Zoo Encounter
, jun. 2019
What a wonderful way to experience a zoo. Traveling with an elderly parent the pace was ideal and we had an opportunity to learn about the wonderful fauna of Australia. The zoo itself is spectacular and despite some construction we had a wonderful visit. The close up koala encounter was also a great way to get close without invading their space. 10/10 would do again.
Good experience
, maj 2019
It was a very good experience. It gives you the opportunity of interacting with some animal you don't have access to during an usual visit. The guide was very nice and knowledgeable.
An experience I can never forget
, maj 2019
I was very surprised to know that I was the only one on tour that morning, so that means I have a private tour with the zookeeper. He brought me around to visit many animals, telling me what species they are, what they eat and how they ended up in the zoo. I was thrilled to interact with a Sugar glider and two Echidna, and they were so cute and friendly. I can sure tell that they are very well taken care off. I even tried on what they feed the sugar gliders; it was tasty, Going on this trip made me realise that humans' impact on these animals is way more significant than I can ever imagine. I learnt a lot that day, and I will cherish what I have learnt, and I will take them by heart when I go out. Thank you, Taronga Zoo for this wonderful experience! This life-changing experience is truly something you should not miss out!
Recommend an added tour.
, apr. 2019
The Taronga Zoo is beautiful, but the Wild Australian Experience was the highlight of our trip to Sydney. The tour took us through the Australian Walkabout. We were able to feed and touch Echidna and Gliding Marsupial and we were up close to Koalas ... just to name a few of the animals encountered in the tour. We learned about their habitat and diet; even visited the kitchen where their meals are prepared. Our guide, Brian, loves his job and it showed in how he interacted with the animals and shared his knowledge with us. The Taronga Zoo is a 'must see' when visiting Sydney. I highly recommend booking a tour to make it more meaningful. We used uber to reach the zoo to guarantee we would be on time for the tour, but you can a water ferry from Circular Quay or Darling Harbour. From there you take the Sky Safari to the entrance of the zoo ... a fun experience. You can bring your own lunch/snacks if you are trying to be thrifty. The cafes within the zoo have many tasty food options. Overall, an excellent experience. Highly recommend!
Fun family trip
, mar. 2019
The day was perfect and the staff at the zoo couldn’t be more friendly. The Wild Australia experience sealed int for me. They provided a lot of fun info about the endemic animals of Australia and made it more interactive for me than just walking around the zoo. We also had a chance to touch some of the animals. It is so easy to get there. We just rode the ferry to mosman bay from the circular quay. Food is not good though and quite expensive.
Amazing tour
, mar. 2019
Excellent zoo where the animals are not all caged. An emu walked out onto the sidewalk to check us out when our group went past! Obviously some animals have to be confined for safety, but even those appeared to have large, natural living environments. We had an excellent guide who called all the animals by name and very obviously loved her job and her animal friends. She was extremely patient, allowing as much time as anyone wanted for pictures and even trying to get a requested animal not usually on the tour to come out of hiding in his jungle for us to see. Unfortunately it was raining and he was not interested in coming out to see us, but she did all she could. The small group tour is definitely worth the extra cost. We learned so much about all the animals and got to hold a feather tailed glider, “pet” an echidna, and spend lots of time in a koala enclosure. You cannot touch the koalas, but you can get very close to them. They rotate groups of koalas in the tour enclosure to minimize the stress on the animals and increase the odds that you will get to see some who are awake. Even with the rain it was an awesome experience.
Once in a lifetime!
, dec. 2018
Visiting from California, my friend and I really wanted that unique zoo experience. This was the PERFECT opportunity to get up close and personal with the animals. Our your guide, Sam, was amazing and knew everything about the animals and answered all of our questions. Our group was small so we all had plenty of time to take pictures and really get to understand the different types of animals. So much better standing behind a fence or wall of glass. This was probably one of our favorite days here in Australia and would definitely come back again!!!!
Up Close and Personal
Alyson G
, dec. 2018
Absolutely fabulous 2+ hours up close and personal with the Australian animals. I got to carry an echidna in a pail back to its enclosure and a koala sniffed my hat. Our guide was relaxed and casual, flexible and very open to questions. Better than I expected! Small group too. Would do it again!

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