Taipei, Taiwan
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Medmindre du kan forstå Mandarin kinesisk, kan navigering Taiwans mad scene være svært. Sørg for, at du smager det bedste af Taipei's gadefoder under en mad- og vandretur i XinYi-distriktet, et område kendt for sin kulinariske dygtighed. Du vil prøve både berømte og uklare taiwanske delikatesser, herunder den stødende stinkende tofu og modtage personlige anbefalinger fra din guide.
  • Oplev den unikke gadekultur i Taiwan på en madtur
  • Overvinde sprogbarrieren med hjælp fra din guide
  • Oplev dele af Taipei, som du måske har savnet, hvis du udforsker alene
  • Modtag personlig opmærksomhed i en lille gruppe



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, jun. 2018

Awesome tour! The foods we tried on the tour were delicious. My favorite was the scallion pancake. WAY BETTER than all the previous one's I've had. The most interesting was betel nut. What a high! Do not eat before the tour. There is plenty of amazing food. I highly recommend this tour.

, aug. 2017

I tasted so many hidden gems that I wouldn't have found on my own that it's difficult to pinpoint what exactly I enjoyed the most. I started with my own research but ended up going the tour route for convenience sake. I was not disappointed. The food sampling along the way was incredible. From reading about Taipei's food scene, I don't think it's possible to leave without a stone unturned. But our guide, Sophia sure did try! She was passionate and knowledgeable about not only the food but everything Taipei. I'm glad I didn't over look the benefits of having a local guide. I will definitely be recommending Taipei eats to my friends and family.

, jul. 2017

This tour is from the same company that did the night market tour I also went on. I'm really happy I signed up for both as the experience of the two tours was very different, both in terms of the food and the kinds of places we visited. This tour felt like the more modern Taipei, whereas the night market tour is what I assume was very popular all over Taiwan 20-30 years ago, and is now based in night markets. I definitely liked both tours though so one wasn't better than the other.

I really like how this company sets a laid-back tone for the tour and takes you to lots of different places where you can try many very tasty and interesting! types of food. The tour guide was really good because he was able to explain the culture and history of the city along with the food we were trying. This tour was definitely fun and enjoyable and I recommend it to anyone who doesn't read or speak Chinese well and likes food and wants to experience what locals eat.

, jul. 2017

I took tour to see if it's suitable for my visiting family from US. The guide is very friendly. I'm most impressed by food they give me. Sooo delicious and many I never been to. Very authentic.

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