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Cooper's Island Naturschutzgebiet
Cooper's Island Naturschutzgebiet

Cooper's Island Naturschutzgebiet

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Cooper's Island Road, Bermuda

The basics

Cooper’s Island, at the southern tip of St. David’s Island, offers some of the best wildlife-watching opportunities in Bermuda. A boardwalk runs through the preserve, making it easy to explore the palmettos and Bermuda cedars. The former NASA space shuttle monitoring tower now offers an ideal vantage point for spotting migrating humpback whales or Bermuda petrels, the island’s national bird. Along the protected inner cove of the reserve, a pair of picturesque public beaches—Clearwater Beach and Turtle Beach—offer secluded places to swim and snorkel. Look for conches on the sandy sea floor and sea turtles grazing in the seagrass beds. Some beach hopping tours in Bermuda include free time to explore the reserve.

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Things to know before you go

  • Admission to the park is free.
  • Consider bringing a camera with a good zoom lens or binoculars to help with wildlife viewing and photographing.
  • Wear sturdy shoes suitable for walking over uneven surfaces.
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How to get there

The park sits on the southeastern tip of St David’s Island, about a 20-minute walk from the St. David’s Lighthouse, which is on the route of bus #6. From there, walk or drive west along Ruth’s Bay Road, then further west on Orange Hole Road toward Cooper’s Island Road. Parking is available just outside the park gate.

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When to get there

The park is open daily from sunrise to sunset. Plan to visit early in the morning or late in the evening, when the birdwatching opportunities are optimum. The best season for outdoor exploration is spring (March or April), when temperatures are warm but not too hot.

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Bermuda Natural Attractions

Bermuda offers outdoor enthusiasts a range of excellent nature reserves and natural attractions well worth exploring. Nonsuch Island Nature Reserve is considered the most important in Bermuda for its preservation of rare and endangered species—it’s a breeding ground for the Bermuda petrel. For a look at the fascinating geology of Bermuda, plan to spend a few hours exploring the pristine Crystal and Fantasy Caves. The country’s largest bird sanctuary can be found within Spittal Pond Nature Reserve along the South Shore.

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