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Playa La Entrega (La Entrega Bay)
Playa La Entrega (La Entrega Bay)

Playa La Entrega (La Entrega Bay)

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Playa La Entrega, or La Entrega Bay, is an important beach in the Santa Cruz region of Huatulco, Mexico. In 1831, Insurgent General Vicente Guerrero was betrayed by a Genoese sea captain and delivered to his enemies on this beach, where he was taken as prisoner and subsequently shot by a firing squad days later. The name of the beach means “The Delivery” in remembrance of the 1831 events.

On a more light-hearted note, La Entrega Bay is the southernmost beach in the Santa Cruz area with a bit more than 600 feet of beach frontage, important ecological significance and beautiful coral reefs in its waters. Look for a wide variety of fish, including the blowfish, which puffs up when it senses danger.

Playa La Entrega’s waters are clear and calm, making it a popular spot for swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving. Visitors will be particularly interested in the underwater trail that leads to an underground cave, where you can find insect-eating bats in a chamber filled with round pink stones.

For an unusual spa experience, consider a Zapoteca Mud Bath. Done at La Bocana, the silt in the region turns to mud believed to contain medicinal healing properties. The mud, called lodo in Spanish, has been used for hundreds of year by indigenous tribes, and today, a local women’s cooperative offers the mud bath to visitors for a very small fee. You can even purchase a bag of silt to take home to make your own mud treatments.

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Playa del Entrega, Huatulco, Mexico
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